Software Developers

No doubt you can name some of the biggest software developers around. Microgaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Betsoft… they all rank among the best. We could add a few more to that list too (Rival Gaming and WGS, we're looking at you).

But why have these developers become well-known among slots fans and others haven't? We look at some of the possible reasons.

They may have been around for longer

Even if a new software developer releases a game that is an instant success, it may not immediately put them on the map. That's because they may not have a back catalog of games for people to try as well. If they do have one, it will be small compared to the giants we mentioned above.

The longer a developer has been around for, the more experience they will have. That experience can come in very useful.

They develop games that include innovative features

Some developers are known for going in different directions when creating their slot games. They think about creating new features and doing things no one has done before. Remember when NetEnt developed the Cluster Pays slot games? Now, you have probably seen similar games from other providers as well. Back then, NetEnt became known for innovating that development.

They may provide more progressive jackpot games too

Some software developers have more progressive jackpot games than others. Some of these are connected between different casinos and games too. For example, there could be a series of slots from that provider that share the same jackpot. This means it grows faster and becomes more appealing to all those who dream of winning a huge amount. Yes, the chances of anyone winning it are slim, but someone will eventually do just that.

It's always good to check out the game collection of any popular software developer. Chances are they became popular for the reasons mentioned above. It is rare you will look at one of their collections and be disappointed in what you see there.

However, don't discount the lesser-known developers. You never know what they might hold in store for you. You could end up discovering a delightful software developer that has yet to come to the wider attention of the casino community. If so, you might get in on the action early and be one of the first to enjoy their games.