Vikings' Victory Slots

Except when it comes down to fantasy-based dragon-slaying heroes with humongous magic-wielding weapons and over the top, unrealistic armor, Middle Age-connected themes haven't really been depicted all that much in the online world of slot games. The impressive, detailed and not to mention-beautifully animated portrayal of the Vikings in Vikings' Victory Slots is an undeniable exception. The game's 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines are surrounded by an epic sight involving the clear, cold Nordic seas, with the Viking port on the background, their huge settlement hidden in the tall woods, with the mighty mountains standing tall on the horizon and a Viking ship in its full glory at the center of the background. Also visible are Viking weapons that are leaned on a rock near a hot spring on the left side of the screen with lush emerald tree crowns looming over the reels on the right side of the screen. In time, you might also happen to notice the pitch black, trembling crow that has landed on a rock to the right of the reels. The red flags, on which the numbers of the paylines are shown are also a very cool little touch. Coin sizes vary between 1 eurocent and 5 euros. The game also includes a line bet option that varies from 1 to 10, which makes the maximum possible bet the stunning sum of 1250 dollars. Additionally, the game provides an army (literally) of well-paying symbols and a couple of generous bonus features which will turn the epic adventure into an epic profit.

Loot Capabilities of the Viking Soldiers

The wild of the game is a powerful warrior with steel bracers, leather armor, a shiny helmet and a menacingly looking mace in his hands. He delivers 5 coins for 2 symbols, 50 coins for 3 symbols, 200 coins for 4 symbols and the game's top prize of 5000 coins for 5 symbols. If you thought the wild looks scary you might get a heart attack at the sight of the scatter, the icon of which depicts a monstrously muscly soldier with giant bracers, two huge axes, a long beard and moustache and an epic helmet with bull horns. The scatter pays with multipliers on the total bet, delivering 1 time the bet for 2 symbols, 3 times for 3 symbols, 30 times for 4 symbols and 300 times for 5 symbols. The blonde blacksmith symbol as well as the symbol depicting an infantry, swordsman, armed with a shield and a helmet with horns and is in the process of charging at the enemy both pay 2, 25, 125 and 300 coins for their 2, 3, 4 and 5 matching symbol combinations. The remaining symbols all offer just 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The blonde maiden warrior, wearing a red tunic and armed with a shield and a sword, as well as the blonde male archer pay 20 coins, 75 coins and 250 coins. The other symbols are just the regular card ones from A to 9. The Ace and the King pay 15, 30 and 150 coins. The Queen and the Jack give 10, 25 and 125 coins and the 10 and the 9 grant 5, 20 and 100 coins. A very neat touch to the symbols' looks is that they come alive on the reels when they happen to be in a winning combination-for example, the soldiers will perform their favourite attack, the blacksmith will commence working, the card letters and numbers will just do a pop-up animation and so on.

The Viking Gambling Features

The wild is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game in order to complete potential winning combinations. The only irreplaceable symbol is the viciously looking scatter. Whenever at least 3 of the scatter warriors show up on the reels, the bonus game of Vikings Victory will be activated, immediately followed by the free spins round. It is called the Pick 3 Feature and it will transport the player on a dock where wooden crates in different shapes are positioned. The gambler will need to select three of those and each of them will contain an award. Immediately after the end of Pick 3, 7 free spins will be awarded and everything that is won during these spins will be multiplied by 3. Vikings can also spice up their gambling experience with the Gamble option, which works in a slightly different way than the one you've come to know from other slot games. Five face down cards will be depicted and one of them will be for the dealer, sort of speak. It will be revealed and the gambler will need to choose one of the other four, which has to be higher than the dealer's in order for the gambled earning to be doubled.

Vikings' Victory Slots is ultimately a game that has a terrific visual atmosphere, thanks to the spectacular level of detail and the exquisite animation, applied just in the right places and moments and one that offers great symbols and extremely generous bonus features, all of which will make you feel like you are indeed in charge of a giant Viking force that throws bags of riches in your feet after a successful raid.