Pay Day Slots

Classic slot games have certainly evolved over the years. To illustrate this fact, let’s take one of the more popular classic slot games – Pay Day Slots. A 3-reel, 1-payline slot with bonus features has made Pay Day Slot a wonderful game to play, not just for beginners, but for classic slot lovers alike.

Playing Pay Day Slots

Playing Pay Day Slots is basically quite simple. The pay table is located at the top of the slot machine, giving you all the information you need to win successfully. With 3 reels and one pay line, the pay table shows you exactly how much you can win depending upon the number of coins you bet. Moreover, the symbols are traditional in nature and include 7s, bars, and the Pay Day Logo. The coin sizes range from ten cents to $10, with the max bet at $30 per spin. As you will note when you play Pay Day Slot, betting the max of $30 can garner you a big win by getting all three Pay Day Logo symbols yielding 2500 coins.

Pay Day Logo Symbol

This classic slot game also offers two other opportunities for you to come out a winner. By getting one Pay Day symbol, you will double your win. Get two Pay Day symbols, and you will win 4xs your bet. It is almost always recommended that you bet the max, especially in a slot game of this kind. All pays are on the middle line, and you will have the traditional buttons including: the amount you wish to bet; bet one, spin, and play max.

Play Pay Day Slots

While basic in nature, Pay Day Slots offers several chances to bring home the gold. Thus, we invite you to play Pay Day Slots at our best online casinos for US players.