The Golfstream Entertainment

When it comes down to the idea of testing one’s skills by betting money, the first thing that comes into gamblers’ minds is video games and for good reason-their popularity has grown exponentially over time. This trend has been popularized through the constant holding of tournaments and the special venues that are encouraging betting connected with sports and matches of any kinds. Now, gambling is slowly making its way into one of the most stylish sports ever-golf. The world’s first indoor laser golf course is located at the MGM Grand’s big Level Up space and carries the name Golfstream.

The Purpose

This place is created specifically for young people and provides all of its visitors with a combination of arcade games and gambling games. There are plenty of types-from blackjack, to roulettes, where players are able to meet face to face and communicate, have fun, socialize and get entertained in each other’s company while they are enjoying doing what they love the most. Also, the place offers pieces of entertainment that do not require any kind of gambling and a good example of that is the huge Pac-Man machine as well as the consistently entertaining beer pong locations. Additionally, the place offers a special money-paying Frogger machine. This is one of the very first ever mergers of the video game and casino types into one big emotionally and financially rewarding experience.

The Attractions

In Golfstream, players will be able to test other sides of their skillset. What the gambler goes through in Golfstream is basically a virtual reality world in which the player gets to step into the shoes of a golfer and travel all the famous golf courses all across the planet. There are also three different types of tournaments-the half a minute Putting Challenge, the so-called Closest-to-the-Pin Challenge as well as the Longest Drive Challenge. The best four players continue to the semifinals and naturally the best two will be in contention for the big prize. The virtual reality golf courses are well-fitted to both professionals and amateurs, the latter of which will be guided by special tracking that shows the correct direction for a swing.

The Games

The longest drive competition, as well as the closest-to-the-pin one include the shooting of a ball into a screen, which will estimate the direction and the distance. For example, players can be transported to the Coeur d’Alene in Idaho and try to put the ball into the notorious par 3 No. 14 island hole. After the shot is made, the players take a virtual trip by boat to the hole itself in order to finish it. The putting challenge requires the player to sink five putts from different distances in the span of half a minute. Up to 10 people can take part in this joyous visually stunning celebration of the sport and food and drinks are always nearby. The place can be reserved at all times and the organizers are getting ready to start offering even more tournaments and competitions in order to attract additional admirers.