Dodge City Slots

Bring in the cowboys and saddle up the horses when it comes to playing a little Dodge City slots. When it comes to dodging those arrows and heading out to the wild west, they have you covered. They want to make sure that you have a bit of everything when it comes to these exciting slots that have so much to offer the person playing, including some very large payouts that you can win! When it comes to downing that whiskey, you're going to want to make sure you do a lot of it. The more whiskey you down, the more free spins you're going to get. Make sure to know as much as you can about this fun game and then find out if you can hit the jackpots when they whirl around again.

The Wild Symbols to Be Aware of

All of the symbols relate to the wild west theme that is going on. You can expect to find cowboy boots, horses, sheriff badges, cowboys, and cowgirls. They have all of the excitement around each and every spin that you make. When you want a bonus, then you can make sure to watch for that wild eye-patch wearing cowboy that is going to make it worth your while. The scatter symbol is the cowgirl and she brings some great bonus offers for those that are able to land on her. Pull the reel and see where it takes you when you try to line up the pictures on the slots and get a giant payout in the end.

Bonus Games are For Everyone

With everything from large jackpots when you make high bets to bonus games and free spins, this game gives them all to those that want to come out and try their luck. Shoot up those bandits and make sure to get a jackpot for each one that you hit. You're the sharpshooter now and you have to be the one that is calling the shots. Free spins are triggered with the whiskey shot glasses that come around. The more you get, the more free spins you're able to take advantage of. During the free spins, you can win cash payouts or even more free spins which makes the game fun and exciting for everyone. The jackpots can grow substantially to just under $50,000. So when it comes time to play, keep the jackpot in mind when it comes to winning. You can walk away with this awesome bonus and a lot of cash in your pockets. If you're ready for the wild west, they're calling to you. They're making you come out and explore all that comes with what they have to offer. With everything welcoming you from the cowboys and cowgirls to the boots and hats, you can get on the west and try your luck at spinning the reels and taking away the cash.