Fair Go Casino

When it comes to calling a casino your home, you want to make sure you're choosing the right one for you. Not only should they have large bonuses and payouts, but you need to make sure that they can provide the necessary extras that make a good casino, a great one. You can find all of the benefits and perks that come from Fair Go Casino and then sign up if it is a casino you want to try on your own.

Games Offered in Fair Go

The slots that are offered in this casino are some of the best out there. With such a large selection, it is very impressive for those that love to watch the reels spin before them. Additionally, the selection of themes you can choose from is even more impressive.

If slots are not your thing, then you can head on over and check out roulette, blackjack, craps, Pai Gow, baccarat and an assortment of other fun games for the player that wants everything out of their gaming experience.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics and sounds that come with this game are some of the best. You can expect to see smooth, bright graphics go around the screen with each of the games that you choose play. Along with these exceptional graphics, you can also have some of the most brilliant sounds, which makes the games even better to play. It is a great time all around for everyone involved.

Banking Options

The banking options are going to make a difference when it comes to whether or not you want to choose them to do the banking that you need. Every online casino offers different options.

Deposits with the casino are able to take many options such as bank account, visa, NeTeller, PaySafeCard and Skrill.

When it comes to payouts, you have to choose one of these options to have your earnings sent to you: BitCoin, NeTeller or wire transfer.

The process is smooth and only takes a few days to clear for payout and depositing cash is instant, so you can choose some games and start playing the day away.

Bonuses and Promotions

They offer many different bonuses and promotions for those that are seeking some extra cash when it comes to signing up or being a loyal member. They do have a VIP level for those that deposit large sums into their player accounts and continue to be a faithful member. These pay out much larger and vary depending on the status of the player.

New players get a package of bonuses that equals around $1,000, which is a great boost to your playing and a great offer to get you to play with them. Your first and other deposits will also be matched depending on the amounts, giving you, even more, bonuses with the more times you decide to play in their casino.

As far as players are concerned, this is a great place to lay claim. Not only do they have some of the best, most exciting games out there but they have a little bit of everything that the player is going to want when it comes to having fun and actually making money. They make it comfortable for all of their players while ensuring that they offer some of the extras that players have been asking for. It is all here, right inside Fair Go Casino!

Real Time Gaming Delivers To Fair Go Casino

Online casinos is a serious industry, but then again, you are here reading this article. Perhaps you have questions about Fair Go Casino. We can answer all of them in one short term by emphasizing that Real Time Gaming is the proud and sole gaming engine involved with the hundreds of top tier slot games and table games available on the world wide web.

When the discussions surface about the top gaming engines, Real Time Gaming is frequently on the top of that list. Real Time Gaming brings it in so many ways when you think of gaming engines. First of all, they specialize in visually stunning, and graphically rich games that are nothing short of masterpieces. To help bring these games to their full potential, Real Time Gaming calls upon the power of the vaulted flash engine. Flash is a special technology which the games are based on. Flash delivers the punch and the oomph for these games. Flash preserves the graphical integrity of the games so there is next to no graphical loss on the graphics. Flash also gives you the option and the flexibility to either play the games straight online, or for download.

Real Time Gaming continues to pack a serious punch by providing interesting bonus rounds, many of which are complex in nature. You can count on free flowing free spins to be plentiful and rewarding in scope. It is also common with Real Time Gaming to have progressive jackpots. The prospect of progressive jackpots is that they can hit after any spin and they tend to add up quite quickly on top of that. It is also usual to find snazzy and epic soundtracks to be accompanied to the games. You can also control your bet in a variety of ways, thanks to Real Time Gaming.

Welcome To The Lobby

To get to all the game action, promotions and more, you will need to get into the lobby. Gaining access to the lobby is a lot easier than you think. All you have to do is login to your account and you will be brought immediately to the lobby. Once you are in the lobby, is up to you to find your pleasure, either slots, table games or the specialty games.

Come On And Join

The very first step to joining the fun at Fair Go Casino, is to join. To join, you will formally create an account here. You can easily do this online in mere minutes.

Who Exactly Is Welcome?

Fair Go Casino is an Australian themed game, so without question, people from Australia are more than welcome to sign up and play here. Player from America, Canada and many of the European nations are more than welcome to sign up to Fair Go Casino. All your deposits will be converted into the appropriate currency.

Getting Some Much Needed Game Practice

Now, you will quickly find in more ways than one, that Fair Go Casino has many great slot games available. We will talk in great length about these games, but this is the perfect time to emphasize that many of these games come with the ability for you to play some practice rounds with the game, before you wager real money.

When it comes to the table games, the sky is the limit here for you to come and discover them. Blackjack is king here. You will find many 8 unique blackjack games for you to get some practice play in. There is also a full compliment of poker games available here too, including an entire section for video poker games as well. When it comes to the video poker titles, you've got more than your hands full with the likes of Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Loose Deuces and multi hand versions of those games.

And of course, you can get plenty of practice with the many slot games, including the many three reel gems that are just begging for your attention. There is 7's And Stripes, a special and patriotic themed game that is full of awesome sevens. The sevens as you guessed, are patterned in the likeness of the American flag. Get much needed practice with the mixed colored sevens which produces the top game amount, depending on the number of coins you will eventually wager when you play for real. There are well playing blue and red sevens. There are other symbols including the bars will provide a lot of practice in that regard as well. You can continue to get even more practice hit games like Santastic and Jumping Beans.

Many Games To Play For Real Money

It goes without saying that there are many top tier games for you to play here at Fair Go Casino. But before you can get in on all the fun, you will need to make your deposit if you are serious about collecting. The major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, are tremendous and easy going options to get into the game. They will process deposits instantly, but first you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. This can take a bit of time, but once it goes through, you will be in business.

You can also rely on the popular e wallets, Neteller and Skrill to jump in on all of the tremendous gaming action too. Like major credit cards, it is up to you to create an account with these services which requires you to have a valid email address. Once you have all that setup, the next step is to put some funds into those accounts and head to the cashier here.

Depending on the side of the world you live in, you might use other online paying services like Poli and Neosurf. The minimum deposits with these services includes $20 and $10. By the way, for credit cards, the minimum deposits, is $20. And of course, you can use Bitcoin to get into the game as well. We will be talking more about Bitcoin, a bit later in this article.

And when you get into making your deposits, the next step is to decide which game you wish to roll the dice on. By now, you should be fully aware that there are many games out here for you to do just that. If you are into Greek mythology, then Achilles is the perfect slot game for you to make some serious money with. Achilles, of course, is the legendary demigod who fought and perished during the fabled Trojan War. There are many great promotions involved with this game, including the Achilles free spins round, plus the regular free spins round. And of course, the lovely Helen makes her presence felt on the reels as does the possibility of walking away with the progressive jackpot at the end of any spin.

Because Real Time Gaming is the gaming engine here at Fair Go Casino, you stand to have many Asian themed games at your disposal to make a real bet on. Jackie Chan, the famous, International movie star, has a slate of slot games based on his popular movies from the 1980's. One of those games goes by Eagle Shadow Fist. This five reel game is packed full of fierce martial arts action with some serious bonuses. The standard wild will double winning combinations when it falls on the pay lines. It will also payout the top amount of 10,000 credits for all five on the pay line. The martial artists are the scatter icons which will put you into the hard hitting free spins round. The free spins round will start you off with 20 of them, with the opportunity to play with a quadruple winning multiplier.

Jackie Chan, continues to grace the reels with other cinematic movies turn slot games like Fantasy Mission Force, where this time, you go behind enemy lines during World War 2. There is a lot to desire in this game, including the special wild symbol in the game that is guaranteed to light things up when it lands. When it comes to the scatter symbol in the game, that is enjoyed by the dynamite. The right amount of the dynamite icons will put you front in center in the dynamite free spins round. When you play in the free spins round, you will start with seven free spins where your wins are tripled. But there is more, you can step things up for real money in the kaboom feature which will add additional free spins.

But the power of Asian themed slot games goes well beyond Jackie Chan. Zhanshi, is another well designed and great slot game just waiting for you to make a real bet. The setting takes placed during ancient China, right on the battlefield. As you soak up the wins, you will get a first hand view of the mighty and powerful ambient effects, including the flag fluttering in the breeze. Zhanshi provides some seriously powerful bonus rounds, including the multi tiered free spins round.

The Chinese God Of Wealth, Cai Hong, has a serious and popular following here as well. There are many games dedicated in his honor, which you are more than welcome to place a real bet on. Regardless of the one you choose, you are in for a treat with beautiful and tranquil backgrounds, plus some colorful ambiance, including clouds flowing by. Most of these games offers a panorama inside Asian mythology with great and colorful icons and even in some cases progressive jackpots.

The genius of Fair Go Casino to use Real Time Gaming as their gaming engine, also extends to the exciting world of sports for you to play a real bet. When it comes to the exciting world of wrestling, the opportunity of a lifetime awaits you with Lucha Libre, parts one and part two. Both games lays it all out on the line as two of the toughest, masked wrestlers, south of the border, grapple and battle for wrestling supremacy. You are in for a treat with special expanding wilds and many high paying symbols to go along with them.

But in both games, the best has yet to come. They both feature the time to rumble bonus, where you get to pick among three sets of finishing moves. The move you choose and whether or not you are successful, will determine the amount of free spins and the winning multiplier you will get, to go along with fiery masks of doom which leads to that special feature. The fiery masks of doom, ups the ante for how much you can win when certain reels are held and locked in place while the other reels are spun.

You are more than welcome to make a real bet and make everyday Halloween, when it comes to Bubble Bubble and the pleasant sequel, Bubble Bubble 2. Both games follows the lovely Winnie the Witch, as she looks to brighten up your day with a great series of bonus rounds. Each bonus rounds provides its series of free spins, like the greater ghosts bonus round, where up to nine wild ghosts will find their ways onto the reel. And in the sequel, Winnie is joined by the equally lovely, Wanda who will impact the reels as a regular wild and expanding wild on top of that. Once more in the sequel, you will have the chance to rack up the wins by playing one of the many interesting and engaging bonus rounds. And if you should fail, you still have the opportunity to win something wit the win win feature.

And if you ever wanted to experience the virtual life of crime, now's your chance with Cash Bandits, parts one and two, where you get to make a real bet trying to make the biggest bank score of your life by breaking into the precious bank vault. The first game offers you the chance to win up to 90 free spins with a 12 times winning multiplier, while in the sequel, you will have the chance to win up to 190 free spins with a 17 times winning multiplier. And if you needed an additional incentive, you can win the progressive jackpot after any spin with either game.

If you are into Vikings, then Asgard is a must. Asgard is one of the nine realms of Valhalla, where Odin and the Norse Vikings live. This game is loaded with insane bonuses and many ways for you to win. The main character Gods are all high paying symbols. You can expect Odin to endow the reels with 500 credits for five of him on the reels. Thor steps up with 450 credits, while Loki is up to his dark magic ways with 400 credits.

There are two wild symbols in the game. The main wild symbol will double winning combinations when it falls on the reels. The Loki dark wild will only land in certain situations, greatly impacting the reels when it does. And without question, Asgard, remains a top slot game to play here, thanks to its many bonus rounds. The Valkyrie will start you off with 15 free spins with your wins tripled. You can also re trigger this bonus round. Loki steps up with 20 free spins with special dark wilds added to the reels. Thor gets in the action with 25 free spins with variable winning multipliers. And the best is saved for last when Odin comes into play. With Odin, he will leave behind 30 free spins with morphing wilds adding to your wins.

And if you ever wanted to take a walk through a magical forest, now is your chance with Enchanted Garden parts one and two. Both of these games puts the spotlight and the joy on the lovely fairy. In both games, she is the wild symbol, doubling wins when she falls. Both games features other magical creatures, including butterflies and special trees. They also come with nice bonus rounds where you play free spins with special, butterfly background symbols that will lead to even bigger and larger wins.

Right your own ending to your own fairy tale come true, when it comes to Hairway To Heaven, a dynamite five reel game that follows on the footsteps of the Rapunzel story. This time, the lovely princess is trapped in the tower, waiting for her prince charming to come rescue her. It is only fitting that the princess is the wild symbol in the game, rewarding you with a double winning multiplier when she falls on the reels.

And of course, the handsome prince is the key to playing in the multi bonus round. When it comes to the bonus rounds, the princess is all over them. The first one is the damsel in distress round where you play with 8 free spins with the chance of earning additional free spins. The second bonus round consists of the princess pays round where you are granted 10 free spins with the chance of earning additional free spins. Wins in this bonus round are tripled. And when it comes to Hairway To Heaven, the pinnacle of the bonus rounds, you will play with either 5, 7, 10, 15, or perhaps even 25 free spins, depending on your selection. The same holds true when it comes to the winning multiplier to go with these free spins. All the while, the princess will cover the entire third reel. And to top it off, there is a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin. The stage is totally set for you to make your own fairy tale come true, when it comes to Hairway To Heaven.

The Greatness Of Tournament Play

The choice is your here at Fair Go Casino to play all the great games on your own, or to test your gaming metal by enrolling in one of the top tier tournaments. There is always something going on, so be sure to check the gaming schedule to see which game is going on for tournament play. It doesn't cost much to enter them, and the jackpots tend to be quite nice on top of that.

It Is Easy To Get Paid

So you've been doing some serious hard work here at Fair Go Casino, and you've managed to win yourself some nice amount of coins. Whenever you are ready to make a withdrawal, all you have to do is head to the cashier and then select your method. The cashier is always open, so it won't be a problem to receive your winnings.

You can opt to receive your well deserved winnings through Bitcoin and via bank transfer. When it comes to Bitcoin, there are no fees involved with it, while with bank transfer you should expect a $50 transaction fee. Both services requires you to make a minimum withdrawal request of $100. Keep in mind that both methods normally takes you between 2-3 business days to process. And if you've won money from promotions, keep in mind you must adhere to the wagering and play through requirements.

Many Great Rewards Awaits You

And when it comes to the rewards, you will find that these are just as extensive as the gaming section here at Fair Go Casino. Before we get into the rewards points, it is important that we discuss in great detail, the many in house promotions that are awaiting you at Fair Go Casino.

For starters, if you are a new member here, you are immediately brought into the fold with a a generous welcome package worth a $1,000. This is redeemable on your first five deposits. The bonus code to enter at the cashier is WELCOME. Bear in mind the wagering requirements involved with this promotion as well.

If you are already a member, there are many interesting and well to do promotions here. For starters, on Mondays, you have two special promotions to choose from. The first one involves a variable matching bonus so you can be hanging out in style with the Koala bear. The more you deposit, the more you can expect back. Also, the amount you deposited between Saturday and Monday will turn into a blessing in disguise when it comes with the 25 free spins promotion to be used on the slot game, Mariachi 5. This slot games serves as an ode to the day of the dead, where the skeleton of five Mariachi players, play and string out a rhythm for you.

But there are many more promotions that are just as big and bold that deserves to be mentioned and talked about here at Fair Go Casino. Prepare to go surfing on the weekend, with their three day promotion. Beginning on Friday and lasting through Sunday, you will get 30% back on all the deposits you make during this time. And all throughout the month of March, when you make a deposit you are eligible for a $25 free bonus.

To help break in some new games, Fair Go Casino offers exclusive new game promotions. For example, you will receive a 125% matching bonus plus 25 free spins to be used on the new slot game Dr. Winmore. Dr. Winmore puts you right into the heart of the mad scientist's laboratory, coming up with all manners of strange concoctions for you to become the big time winner you were always meant to become. Throughout the game, you will encounter special symbols that will land on the reels at complete random. This game also features cascading wins and multipliers to go along with them. Simply put, the more you win, the more chances of higher paying symbols to fall on the reels. Every win you get, will get the winning multiplier to increase by a factor of one. All in all, the winning multiplier can go all the way to 6 times with the cascade feature.

And to help encourage you to let the genie out of the bottle, Fair Go Casino is offering a 150% promotion plus 25 free spins to be used exclusively for 5 Wishes, a dynamo of a slot game that puts you front in center back in the drama of the famous Arabian tale of Aladdin and princess Jasmine. This game, along with Dr. Winmore, requires you to make a deposit of at least $25 to get going.

And to help break in the new game Pulsar, there is an additional 125% matching bonus to support 35 free spins to be used with it. The minimum deposit is $30. Keeping the spotlight on the games, there is a current game of the month promotion where are all the members can come together and join in on all the fun.

Currently, there is a 125% matching bonus to be used exclusively on Lucky 6, an Irish themed game. The entire game play follows the leprechaun, which is displayed all throughout the reels. The rainbow is the wild symbol in the game which will double wins when it falls on the pay line. The bonus round will have you playing the free spins round where you will play with either 8 of them, 12 of them or perhaps even 25 of them. You also get 40 free spins to use for Lucky 6, the current game of the month. The promo code to enter at the cashier is GOTMO320.

The tremendous promotions extend to the Fair Draw Bonus, where between Friday and Thursday, where the rewards you will get, range between $50 and $500. There is even a bonus to go when it comes to the bonus to go special where you can receive a 50% matching bonus everyday that is good up to $200. Every member is also entitled the general 25% cashback bonus where you will get an instant 25% bonus whenever you make a minimum deposit of $10.

There are even deposits bonuses if you get into the game with Poli and Neosurf. If you deposit with Poli, then you are entitled to a 300% matching bonus that is good up to $3,000. And if you made your deposit with Neosurf, then life is good with a 200% matching bonus that will work up to $1,000. Loyalty is high demand here at Fair Go Casino. Members in the VIP club will experience an even more robust 40% cashback promotion that comes with a dedicated VIP host to go with it.

It Is To Play On The Go

By no means are you a prisoner here at Fair Go Casino to your personal computer. This state of the art, online casino more than delivers the goods when it comes to its flexibility to work and play without any problems on today's smart and mobile devices. No need to create a new account. All you have to do is login and pickup right where you left off for all the fun. The mobile features also extends to laptops, so you won't have any problem using them to get where you are going with Fair Go Casino.

Don't Forget About The App

And for even faster service, it might be worth your while to download and install the official app to Fair Go Casino. The app will work on all the major platforms, including laptops. All you have to do is install it on your device and then press play and go.

Everyone Must Get Registered

There are no ifs about it, everyone here must register. Registration is the key to proving that you are of legal age to gamble here at Fair Go Casino. Registration is also vital if you ever expect to win your well deserved money and to cash out with it. Registration is easy to do. All you need is a valid email account to begin the registration online.

In An Instant…

A lot of things can happen for the better for you. Everything at Fair Go Casino, has been setup for you to become the next big and instant winner. All it takes is an instant to make your deposit to get into the game. And remember, all of these games are flash based, so you can instantly play them online. If you are still unsure of which games to play, why not give Aztec's Millions a shot. This is a riveting five reel game that comes with an ever growing, progressive jackpot that can be won at the conclusion of any spin. And to help you keep track of that jackpot, there is a meter right on the screen that grows with each deposit and spin of the reels.

The entire game serves as a history lesson to the fabled Aztec empire. The chief of course exerts his dominance as the wild symbol in the game. In this case, he will double your wins among other things. The priestess is quite a feat too for she will leave behind 5,000 credits for five of her on the pay line. And when it comes to the free spins, you can play with either five, fifteen or 25 of them with the chance to play and earn more. Wins of course are tripled in the free spins round.

You also stand to become an instant winner when you play Spirit Of The Inca, another progressive jackpot theme game, that takes you this time into the heart of the Mayan empire. In addition to the progressive jackpot, there are additional bonuses including the drums beat bonus round. Other instant features about Fair Go Casino is that you can instantly make your deposit and get them processed to go with the many promotions that are instantly available.

Why Not Become An Affiliate

If you simply can't get enough of Fair Go Casino, like many of us by the way, then why not become an official affiliate to the casino. There are many perks and privileges of becoming an affiliate One of those involves receiving a commission for new business and new members that you help to bring here. There is an entire section just for affiliates. You will have to register and sign up as one to become eligible for the benefits. On top of that, you can get in touch with the customer support team there for any questions you might have.

Is There A Bookie?

There are a lot of things happening here at Fair Go Casino, but at this time, there is no bookie here. All bets will have to be placed manually by the user.

What About The Sports Betting

There is no sports book, nor a race book here at Fair Go Casino.

Check Out The Blogs

There is a well of information to be discovered here at Fair Go Casino. There is a frequently asked questions page where you can find the answers to common questions like how to set up an account and registration, among other things. There is even a terms and condition page which goes into great lengths the bonus and wagering requirements of the promotions.

Is There A Live Dealer?

While there are many great table games for you to enjoy and play, there is currently no live dealer at this time.

The Power Of Bitcoin

Another powerful and important currency that we should discuss, is Bitcoin. Bitcoin, by far, is the world's most important and popular crypto currency. There are many things to like about Bitcoin. For starters, it is a purely digital currency, so it doesn't rely on any banks to use them. It instead relies on a special blockchain technology. To use Bitcoin, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. There are many out there on the market to choose from, so you will need to do some research. Once you have made your choice, the next step is to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier to begin the process.

Help Is Always There When You Need It

Having fun and winning is the only thing that Fair Go Casino wants its members to be concerned with. To help you stay on track, you can get a hold of the customer support staff here anytime you need to. They can be reached through toll free phone, email or through live chat. The customer support is standing by whenever you need them.

Bring On The New Slots

What could possibly be better than a great slot game? How about a new one. Fair Go Casino has made it a habit to add new slot games to their already impressive roster. We've briefly been talking about some of them. One of the latest ones to be added to the roster is the aforementioned, 5 Wishes. This game takes you on the fable trail of the genie that has been let out of the bottle. Across the 25 pay lines, you will get your complete feel of the Aladdin and ancient Arabian theme.

This game really revolves around the genie, which makes it fitting for him to be the official wild symbol in the game. He will replace the other symbols except for the scatter symbol, and when he does fall, he will double winning combinations. An added bonus to the genie, is that he will turn the other main characters into genie symbols which means extra wilds for you to win.

The lamp is the scatter symbol in the game. The more of these that you get to land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Three of them, will reward you with 10 free spins, four will produce 20 free spins, and five of them on the pay line, will come through with a whopping 100 free spins. And during the free spins round, the genie will remain, to further help you on your wins. You can also earn additional free spins.

5 Wishes has more to it. There are two random jackpots that can hit after any spin. You also stand to win the top in game amount of 5,000 times your bet placed.

There is also the aforementioned, Dr. Winmore. The mad scientist is hard at work in his virtual laboratory. This game is a cluster reel type of game, that is designed to bring in cluster style wins, which we will talk about in a moment. The game play takes you right into the heart of his mad laboratory. You can expect all of the game icons to reflect this reality as well. Dr. Winmore is the official wild symbol in the game. He will replace the other symbols with the exception of some, and he will double those wins when he falls on the reels.

There are many interesting icons to talk about here, starting with the blue energy dial. Because wins require you to get at least four of the same icon, the credit value is slightly different. When it comes to the blue dial, four will reward you with 20 credits, while eight of them, will churn out 500 credits. The green light energy probe steps up with 300 credits for five of them on the pay line. The light bulb will reward you with 200 credits on the pay line. The purple vile, will reward you with 150 credits on the pay line.

Now in addition to the regular symbols, Dr. Winmore offers special symbols on the pay line. The first one is the clear row robot that will remain on the reel horizontally to help increase your chances of winning. The second type of robot, is the clear column robot. You also have the clear row and column robot to go with the adjacent robot.

What makes this new game worthwhile, are the cascading wins effect. What happens here is after you score a win, those symbols disappear to make way for new symbols to fall on the pay line. Every time the new symbols falls and it amounts to a win, the winning multiplier will grow by a factor of one. The winning multiplier can go as high as six times. The cascading wins stops when you you fail to win.

If you care to step into the cosmos, then Pulsar slots, one of the latest slot games here, is the game of choice. This game comes with 20 pay lines. This is a honeycomb type of game, which further impacts the winning clusters. The game has a total 2D feel of it, with the planets and the starts stepping up to be impacting winning symbols in the game. This game is unique from the standpoint that there are no wild symbols in the game, nor scatters. It is rich however, in cascading wins that explodes on the reels. The more you win, the more you will usher in the cascade wins where the winning multiplier will grow by a factor of one.

Magic Mushroom is another new slot game by Real Time Gaming. The adventure takes place in the halls of a magical forest at night time where enchanting mushroom toad fairies. It features 27 pay lines with all ways to play. The graphics are quite vivid with re spins coming your way in bunches.

Get into the fierce Christmas spirit with Rudolph Awakens, a grudge match to the bitter end where the feud between Santa and Rudolph reaches its zenith. There are are lot of nice and engaging features in this game. The game play takes you right into the freezing arctic snow with Rudolph encapsulated in ice. There are a lot of great bonus round associated with this game. It goes without saying that the frozen Rudolph is the wild symbol in the game. Depending on the reel he lands on, he will act as a nudging wild which will greatly impact the other reels for even bigger wins.

Besides Rudolph, there are many high paying icons that you will want to fall on the reels. Santa Claus brings home the bacon. He will produce 1,250 credits for five of him on the pay line. The penguin will produce 700 credits for getting five of him on the reels. The elf and the female wearing the Santa suit, will fill the reels with 500 and 250 credits respectfully. You also have the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens to go along with nines.

When Rudolph covers the third reel, he will trigger a bonus round. The first one is the free spins round, where you begin with 10 free spins. To go along with those 10 free spins, Rudolph will nudge of the reels while he remains frozen. And if the extra game feature is added to the reels, you will play with three extra games.

Feel free to get into the Halloween spirit with Halloween Treasures, a neat and new Halloween inspired slot game. This game features 243 ways to pay to go with the prospect of winning up to 50,000 times your bet placed. Of course, the witches dominate the game. There are two wild symbols in the game which will double your wins. The crystal ball is the scatter symbol in the game. You will want at least three of them to fall on the reels to play in the free spins round. In the free spins round, you will play with 12 free spins.

The mighty T-Rex also is one of the newest slot games on the roster here. T-Rex 2, continues all the chomping mayhem and wins. Once more, the game play happens in the middle of the forest, with the mighty T-Rex, chomping at the bits for a big win. You can count on him being the wild symbol in the game, doubling wins when he falls. The dinosaur eggs will put you in the free spins round, where you will play with five free spins. But in this free spins round, you can play with up to 100 free spins. Overall, you can win up to 5,000 times your bet placed with this brand new game.