Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit is a food that is enjoyed by many people but seeing fruit animate on a slots game is a whole lot of fun. This game is themed around fruit with an unusual twist, you are going to a Fruit Frenzy Circus, where the fruit will entertain you on the five reels, it hard to imagine fruit becoming animated to entertain you but this fun game does exactly that. The graphic are beautifully done, great color, bright, cheerful and very comical. Join and Play now or keep reading our review...

Lets go to the Circus

To get into the circus you need a ticket, the Ringmaster Banana in his top had, coat tail and walking stick will guide you and give you the program or the day, you will see a green smiling pear lady dressed in her popcorn tutu dancing on the reels, one of the audience is a purple plumb eating popcorn, The orange is the clown with a comical face, there is a watermelon cannon which gives wins in the main game and will feature later on in the game, and to protect the eyes a pair of goggles, balloons of different colors are given to the audience, and the cutest noddy type motor car.

Wild pineapples just love giving wins

The very comical pineapple, is amusingly dressed will act as an extension to a win of two or more symbols together, he animates when a win happens. If you see 5 of these pineapples on the reel you will be awarded 10,000 coins and when a win occurs he animates. There are two scatter symbols one is a Fruit logo and the other is a Frenzy logo, both contribute to the wins.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

There is a Free Spin bonus round which is called the Dare Devil Feature this in unusually triggered by any symbol, not one specific symbol, and you need to get five of them to trigger this game. You will be taken to a new screen were you will see the ring master and the watermelon canon, a strawberry with goggles will walk across the screen and jump into the cannon, the ringmaster will light the fuse of the cannon and the strawberry will be shot out of the cannon to the target which is a large cantaloupe fruit, each time the strawberry lands in the middle of the cantaloupe, the seeds will scatter and a number of free spins will be awarded, this will happen three times for every hit a number of free spins will be awarded, once that is completed then it will automatically begin the free spins. At the end of the Free Spin Feature your winnings will be totaled up and added to your bankroll. During the Free Spin feature all wins will be multiplied by 2x. The bonus game can be re-triggered during the Free Spn feature.

The Random Progressive and Auto-play

Setting to autoplay from 5 spins to 1,000 spins will give you hands free operation, you can allow the slot machine to do the main part of the work which is spinning the reels. On top of the screen you will see a progressive jackpot that just climbs high and higher until it is won. The nice part of RTG's progressives you don’t need to do anything, a win can occur anytime after a spin and be a magnificent surprise for the player.


I loved this game it was very amusing, the wins in the main game came quite fast and kept my bankroll above my original stake, the bonus round took a while to be triggered but when it did it was worth it.