Gambling a Decisive Element?

Gambling is an emotive issue for some people and definitely a divisive element within society regardless of the form it takes. It had been very evident in recent years with communities that are split apart by different aspects as well as by political partnerships. In this past July, residents in New Bedford overwhelmingly voted to approve a proposed development of a new casino, where the community had counter on revenues to turn the city around. Imagine the shock when this was vetoed. Another case in point is Martha’s Vineyard, the communities are split over the idea of a casino and they are awaiting for a Federal court ruling if the Native American Group will be able to put one up. The tug ‘o war between Boston and Everett regarding a proposed casino there. Revere had a taste of this when the State made the choice of Everett for the Wynn group instead of the proposed site at Suffolk Downs. Residual effects continue between Mayor Dan Rizzo who proposed Suffolk Downs and Charles Lightbody’s support for the Wynn Bid. Regardless of personal feelings with regards to legalized gambling in your community, one cannot deny the presence of casinos and that its emotive issue, for instance the loss of Suffolk Downs meant that it was the end of the road with regard to the racetrack. Many people feel that its unfortunate, as they envisaged a weekend racing card, complete with food trucks plus good family entertainment to drew in a good crowd on an appallingly raw day. It does make one wonder if the presence of a casino in communities such as Everett, Revere or New Bedford gain any benefit in the long run when one considers the opposition to such ventures. That’s why building a casino is not always easy, and not the automatic economical answer that people think it is. When one considers it, there is no substitute for a good plan, fir hard work to achieve a vision.