$12,515,708.83 Jackpot Hit by 64 Year Old Gold Miner

64 year old, Efren Aguirre of Elko, Nevada has been a gold miner for more than four decades now. Efren likes gold, he likes it a lot. Even his favorite casino is Gold Dust West Casino. In late March, Efren hit on a Megabucks jackpot worth more than $12.5 million. When Efren struck gold on March 22, he made it clear that he was not quitting his job. He looks forward to working in the mines each day, and wouldn’t give it up for anything – not even $12.5 million or $12,515,708.83 to be exact. Efren had just finished his shift at the gold mine when he and his wife, Maria, decided to spend the rest of the evening playing the slots at the local gambling hall. Mrs. Aguirre was playing on another machine when her husband told her he’d won. She immediately cashed out her own credits and made her way to the Megabucks slot to see how much Efren had won. The casino manager says that Efren had $100 in the machine and it hit on the seventh spin. Mr. Aguirre immigrated to the United States from Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico in 1968 because he wanted to make “more money”, but a $12.5 million jackpot isn’t exactly what he was expecting. Efren first started working in the mines in 1973 and has been with the same employer now for 16 years. The Aguirre’s have decided to save most of their money but after being married for 44 years, they will buy their dream house. Efren opted for a one-time, lump-sum payment of his $12.5 million Megabucks jackpot. The actual amount received, after taxes, was not disclosed. The Megabucks slot is one of the most famous progressives in the land-based casino industry. Each time the jackpot strikes, it is reseeded at $10 million, continuing to grow until another lucky winner hits the jackpot. The last time the Megabucks jackpot hit, it paid $10.7 million to a lucky slots player in March 2015. The legendary progressive slot’s highest record payout was hit in 2003 at Nevada’s Excalibur for a staggering $39.7 million.