Las Vegas Slot Machines Take on Popular Mobile Games to Reel in More Players

Can you think of anyone who hasn't played Candy Crush? This particular mobile game has reached a huge audience in recent times, and it's far from being the only modern smartphone game that's played by such a big audience. But while games like Candy Crush have continued to draw in big numbers with multiple levels, potential rewards and a long-term strategy, traditional slots have been left behind.

Slot machines bring in billions of dollars each and every year. In 2014, some $291 billion was brought in with these machines. That sounds impressive and it is, but when you realize that figure was a massive $355 billion just seven years previously, it's clear the popular mobile apps may be making a dent in slot machine revenue.

Are mobile games about to hit real-life casinos?

It's no big surprise to discover that casinos aren't just sitting back and taking this turn of events. In fact, a company called Gamblit Gaming is exploring ways to turn things around. The task is to bring in young people who are typically enjoying games on their smartphones. By offering similar experiences in real-life casinos, there is a chance the slot machine may enjoy some renewed vigor.

How will this change the way slot machines are played in casinos?

We're not going to see a sweeping change in the way slot machines are presented to an audience - at least not to begin with. Of course, if Gamblit Gaming comes up with a successful range of machines, it could well lead other companies to go down the same route.

One of the elements that looks set to be included is to make the games social rather than a one-on-one player-and-machine experience. It's not clear how this would work, but we'll be watching with interest to discover how it will pan out. It looks as though skill will be involved as well, which goes against the usual slot game experience, which is typically focused on pure chance.

These games will be aimed at a younger audience and will include many of the elements that have drawn them to games like Candy Crush in the past. Will the new slot machines be tempting enough to bring in a whole new audience for the bricks-and-mortar casinos? And could it tempt some to play in online casinos as well? Only time will reveal the answer to that particular question.