Intertops Returns to U.S. Market After Four Year Absence

It's hard to believe that Intertops Casino helped start the internet gambling phenomenon almost 20 years ago, but they did and are still a major player in the business with their popular sportsbook, poker room and online casino. The Austrian-owned company based in Antigua set up shop in 1996 and has remained a respected and well-reviewed casino over all of those years. Well known for their bonuses and promotions, Intertops stopped accepting U.S. players in 2011 due to troubles with payment processing that unfortunately affected many other online gaming sites at the time. Now, after its four year hiatus from the U.S. market, Intertops is accepting players from the U.S. at their casino, poker rooms and their popular sportsbook once again.

Online Gaming Becoming Acceptable in the United States

While Intertops has given no specific reason for its return to the U.S. market, many believe that it is due to the loosening of restrictions in online gaming in the country, including outright legalization of some or all online gambling in some U.S. states such as Delaware and Nevada. It also helps that two of the largest professional sporting groups, the National Basketball Association and Major League baseball, have stepped back on their no sports betting stance over the last year and have accepted that wagering offers the opportunity to expand the popularity of their respective games and increase interest in their leagues. The growing acceptance and popularity of poker in the U.S. helps as well. The ever expanding fantasy sports phenomenon in the U.S. gives companies like Intertops the chance to increase their offerings without worry as the popular hobby is completely legal in the entire country.

Some Restrictions Still Exist

Unfortunately, the loosening of online gaming laws and the popularity of online gaming has created some backlash in certain U.S. states, thus prohibiting Intertops to accept players from these states. Players in Maryland, New York, Washington, Missouri, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky and New York will not be accepted, but this is no different from other online gaming sites that allow U.S. players. The reasons for these restrictions vary and include such explanations as the reduction of criminal activity, such as money laundering, and restricting competition against state-owned online gaming enterprises.

A Win-Win Situation for Intertops and U.S. Players

A return to the always-lucrative U.S. market is not only a positive for Intertops, it is also a big win for qualifying U.S. players. There is a reason that Intertops remains a leader in the online gaming world after almost 20 years: Intertops is well known for their numerous promotions and is considered one of the fastest payout sites on the web. The casino's experience in the business shows in their customer service and their numerous positive reviews from neutral sources in online gaming. Now an ever-increasing number of U.S. players can enjoy playing at Intertops Casino, poker rooms and sportsbook.