What Are the Best Betsoft Gaming Slot Titles on the Internet

Slot title developer Betsoft Gaming is one of the most beloved software producers among casino players. The games from this company are sparkling and appealing visual treats that are designed with a great focus on details. Most of its entertainment creations have intriguing story lines, beautiful 3D animations, exclusive features, special bonus rounds, and atmospheric game screens.

Additionally, a lot of them also showcase a short introduction movie before the game screen loads. The story starts, and now you want to see what happens next. And you're actually going to have a say in what will come next, because you get to spin the reels of the games, and make the stories proceed by doing so. In many cases, these stories will tell tales of great fortune, especially if you manage to spin the right symbols on the screen. So let the slot titles pull you into their worlds, and create many fortunes while you simultaneously have a blast of a time.

At the Movies Slots

Normally, you would likely spend some of your free time at the movies if you're a fan of the pictures. But when playing at the Movies Slots, you will also spend a great deal of your coins. However, don't worry, because these coins will be returned to you in much larger amounts if you manage to spin its reels successfully.

So let the show begin. You wait in anticipation till the lights dim and the curtains swing open. From that moment on, it is going to be a surprise what happens, and that makes this game so fun and original.

What will today's movie bring? Will it be a sweet story about love, an explosive action flick, or perhaps a hart thumping tale of horror? You will only find out if you take a seat in the entertaining At the Movies Slots Theater. So enjoy the screening and don't forget to bring your soda drink, your popcorn and your casino credits.

Pinocchio Slots

Who didn't grew up with the famous story of Pinocchio; the little wooden puppet who so desperately desired to be a real and normal boy. This more than 130 year old story found its way from the original novel papers to the movie screens over the years, and now Betsoft has brought it to your online casino with the creation of Pinocchio Slots.

This unique slot game lets you spin the reels in three different worlds, which are Gepetto's workshop, the puppet show and Pinocchio's classroom. Wins will be conveniently doubled when you find yourself playing in any of the secondary worlds. Additionally, when Pinocchio's dream comes true and he turns into a real boy, you will also be able to benefit from this happy moment, because the real boy mode unlocks some special features. Lastly, the fairy will be handing out free spins, so keep your eyes on her as well.

When you play this game, you will see symbols like Pinocchio, Gepetto, a clock, and a marionette show pamphlet. All of these attributes are displayed on a gorgeously designed game screen. Don't lie to yourself about not having the time to give this charming slot title a try, because then only your nose will grow and not your bank roll.

Charms & Clovers Slots

How valuable are the treasures that lay hidden at the end of the multicolored rainbow? With a little bit of luck, you might soon find out. And you are definitely about to receive a strike of good luck when you decide to hit the fortune enhancing reels from Charms and Clovers Slots. This charming and well-designed game lets you spin elements like a leprechaun and a golden seven. As a devoted luck and fortune hunter, you probably know that those are the symbols you need to claim big successes.

On the Charms & Clovers slot reels, you will also find other eye pleasing attributes like the pot with gold coins, the horseshoe, and the four-leaf clover. These symbols are all centered on a crisp, high definition colored game screen that pulls you into the green Irish countryside within a heartbeat.

You're already lucky that you found this beautiful 6 reel (5 normal ones plus one bonus symbol reel) and 40 pay line game, but things will get even better once those cash winning symbol combinations start to take form.

Play Online Slot Titles With Great Visuals and Unique Gambling Features

Betsoft Gaming titles are a reliable choice if you prefer to play online slot titles with great visuals, entertaining stories and unique gambling features. This company produces high quality games on a regular basis so that you can constantly experience the best casino entertainment productions that the internet has to offer.

Explore the game selection at Betsoft's own website, and test all the available games with fun credits. Then find a casino that offers these slot machines in real money mode if you're confident enough to play for the bucks.