New Slots at Ignition Casino

Are you always on the lookout for some new and exciting online slot titles with big payouts? Then you will certainly be happy with the new and exciting games that Ignition Casino regularly releases on its gambling platform. The casino lists these games separately so that you can easily discover what is new on the website. Try them out today and you might discover your new favorite bankroll increasing and entertainment enhancing slot machine title.

Spinomenal is on a New Slot Game Release Spree

While reading this list to see which recently launched games fit your gambling and entertainment needs the most, you will notice that many of the mentioned titles are recent creations from ambitious upcoming slot game developer Spinomenal. This company was launched in the year 2014. With their innovative and neatly designed games, they already prove to be worthy competitors to the newly released slot titles from of other established developers.

Experience the Virtual Wealth of Paris in Champs-Élysées Slots

Are you ready for a stroll in the city of romance? Paris is inviting you to a trip that is dominated by the presence of typical French drink, food and fashion items like coffee, croissants, designer bags and high heels, but also by famous attraction such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile and especially the Champs-Élysées avenue itself. This famous boulevard is a real tourist magnet, and now it also has become a true money magnet. Are you not in the possession of enough money to enjoy these touristic hotspots in the real life? Then you can always visit them virtually, because now you experience all of Paris in one convenient online package that is called Champs-Élysées Slots. The best thing is, while experiencing Paris and its touristic hotspots virtually, you can actually win money that you can use later to pay for a real romantic trip to the French capital. Set the 5 reels of this 50 pay line slot title from Rival Gaming in motion, because Paris and the Champs-Élysées are waiting for you.

Receive Mind-numbing Cash Prizes When You Play Reel Fighters Slots

Go from romance to action when you play the next game on the list, which comes with the title Reel Fighters Slots and is created by game developer Spinomenal. It is all about becoming a champion and claiming the accompanying prizes when you play this energetic 5 reel and 15 pay line game. This slot title really punches you in the face with mind-numbing cash prizes and special features. The outcomes of your spins all depend on which fighters show themselves on the reels. Play Reel Fighters Slots today and find out who is going to be your favorite cash enhancing champion.

Battle with Bandits and Earn Profits in Wild Wild Spin Slots

Times where tough for the people that lived in the frontier zones during the North American Wild West period. The era was dominated by tough gunslingers, crazy outlaws and bandit battling sheriffs. These people where all bound together by the presence of booze in the local saloons, and the presence of big money piles in badly protected village banks. The bar and bank porches where often the locations of violent gunfights between the already mentioned characteristic icons of the Wild Wild West. While playing Wild Wild Spin Slots from Spinomenal, you join the enduring fight against the robbing bandits. That sure is a dangerous job. However, it is also a very lucrative one, because the Old West was not only the era of self-enriching bank robbers, but also the one of bullet biting bounty hunters who made fortunes from catching notorious thieves dead or alive. These fortunes can become your future rewards as well when you decide to spin the 5 reels, and when you make winning combination with the 25 pay lines in this wild, dusty and historically themed slot title.

Score Financially and Visually While Playing Soccer Babes Slots

What can be more exciting than scoring the winning goal and celebrating your victory with some beautiful and cheerful ladies? Is such a lucky event going to happen to you in the near future? Find that out by spinning the reels of Soccer Babes Slots. Many of the available slot symbols are not only financially valuable but also visually. While playing, you will be treated by images of various gorgeous ladies. You will also encounter soccer related images such as a trophy cup, a linesman flag and a flaming soccer ball. This joyful Spinomenal slot game fuels your pockets via five reels and five pay lines.

Enhance Your Luck While You Make Winning Combinations in Pond of Koi Slots

In its recent release spree of new and exciting slot games, developer Spinomenal has also come up with a very innovative Chinese/Japanese fish themed slot title called Pond of Koi Slots. Koi are very valuable fish, and they thank their value due to the popular believe that they are symbols of good luck, good fortune and abundance. You will find quickly find out of that is true when you fish in the four reel pool of this game. Expect to be surprised though, because you will not find any pay lines in this game. Spinomenal ignored the traditional online slot system and instead created a refreshing new play style in which winnings depend on the amount of matching slot characters that you receive while playing. You are able to create a total of 12 combinations.

Unlock Supernatural Prizes While Playing Demi Gods Slots

Demi Gods Slots introduces you to a world of mortal humans and their half human and half god saviors, the mythical and brave demi gods. Play this new game and watch the heroes emerge from the slot reels. They bring with them all kinds of powerful weapons to protect and safe all humans from the evil serpent that threatens them. Use the strong demi gods to unlock supernatural prizes and fight epic slot game battles in yet another fine new creation from Spinomenal. This particular Greek mythology themed game boasts 25 pay lines and five slot machine reels.

Make Great Fortunes on the Newest Ignition Casino Slot Titles

Now that you know what is new on the Ignition platform when it comes to slot game entertainment, you have almost all of the information you need to decide which of the mentioned games are going to entertain and enrich you the most.

Let the Real Fun Begin

After reading this article about the finest new slots on Ignition Casino, it is time to let the real fun begin. Head over to the casino and test the most interesting games in practice mode to see if your expectations are fulfilled before you start playing for money. Switch to real money versions once you feel comfortable enough to play for cash. Before you know it, you are making great fortunes on the newest Ignition Casino slot titles.