Fa-Fa Twins

Betsoft Gaming is known for developing some of the finest slot machine games on the internet. This professional slot title developer always manages to create beautifully designed games that are royally filled with innovative features and entertaining animations. The company's newest claim to fame is an Asian themed slot title that goes by the name Fa-Fa Twins Slots.

This cute looking online slot machine works with a pays 243 ways feature, and it also gives you a great mix of other lucrative and fun game play elements. Play this game and leave it to the twins to get you all excited about dual reels, wilds and line wins with high value symbols. The double up feature is especially exciting, because it opens up the possibility to double the profits with just a flip of the coin. And you gain all your profits while being cheered at by two adorable twins. These twin sisters make the game extra entertaining with their animated movements during wins, and the atmospheric background music is also a satisfying factor during your spinning sessions.

Meet the Girls and Their Symbols

The two girls, around who this game is build, welcome you to the Asian continent. Red is the dominant color in this game, and that suits its Chinese/Asian style theme. The slot symbols also resemble a variety of elements from the land of the dragon. There is the lucky golden cat, the golden, fish, the red lantern, and you can also spin the cherry blossom or a pouch that contains golden coins. Furthermore, the Fa-Fa Twins symbol is the special wild icon in this game.

Decide How You Like to Play

Betsoft made betting in this game convenient due to its use of the 243 ways feature. This means that the win-lines are fixed so that you do not have decide with how many of them you will play. If you like to decide the value of your coin bets, you can click on the minus or plus button. The minimum coin value is $0.02 and the maximum value is $1.00. It is also possible to decide the number of coins that you will bet with another minus and plus button. The minimum coin number per line is 1 and the maximum is 5. $125 is the maximum wager that you can place.

Besides these game adjustment elements, you can also make use of the autoplay feature. This feature allows you to play automatically so there is no need to press the spin button every time. This autoplay feature lets you choose the bet level, the coin value, the number of spins and the total cost, before you set it in motion.

Additionally you can also click on the max bet button if you're into some high stakes games. Other game buttons include the one that switches the music on and off and the options button, which lets you adjust the background music and the sound. You can also switch the turbo play on an off at the options screen, and you can disable the expandicon. On the game screen, there is also the question mark, on which you can click if you want to learn more about the game and its pay table. Lastly, after every win, you can click on the double up button to see if you can make the rewarded prize even higher via a coin toss.

Make More Wins With the Help of Wild Symbols

The game's very own Fa-Fa Twins Slots logo has the honor to perform as the wild in this slot machine title. However, it will only appear on reels number two, three, four and five. The wild will greatly increase the number of winning opportunities, because it is able to replace other symbols in a combination so that you are able to claim the win.

Line up Symbols and Claim Rewards

Line up the right number of symbols in order to claim the best rewards. The symbol that depicts the twins is your best bet when you go for profitable wins. Spin this symbol five times and you will be rewarded with no less than 1000 coins. The lucky cat symbol is the second highest icon on the pay table. It comes with a top reward of 500 coins. The golden fish is third in line and you need to spin it 5 times in order to claim its best reward of 400 coins. The bag of coins comes next with a top reward of 250 coins, and a 5 times cherry blossom hit gives you the same reward. The lantern, the A and the K all give you a maximum prize of 40 credits, and the highest number of Qs, Js or 10s are good for a 25 credit reward.

Spin and Win With the Girls

Fa-Fa Twins Slots is a very suitable casino entertainment option for if you are fond of the 243 ways to win feature. This feature makes sure that you can claim many small wins in order to keep your bankroll healthy. While playing, you will also be delighted by the cute and beautiful design of the game. The two Asian girls are your hosts on that artistically crafted game screen. They will do their best to make you feel comfortable and motivated with their pleasant and cheerful appearance. This game is also attractive because of its many innovative features like for example the double up and dual reel elements.

With all of this slot game delight, it is safe to say that Betsoft Gaming proved itself once again with yet another great title. Find this slot on casino platforms that included Betsoft games into their collection to have a good time with the twins and with your wins. Additionally, if you like to enjoy yourself with a few free test rounds of Fa-Fa Twins Slots before the real money action starts, then it is possible to do that at Betsoft Gaming's own website.