Cafe Casino Will Find Your Perfect Slot

As a likely fan of online slot games, you can find a very wide range of them to choose from in Cafe Casino. Have you ever thought which one is the perfect for you, as an individual, in terms of character and preferences? Café Casino can really help you with narrowing down your choice by arranging the games into several main categories.

Traditional Type

One of the most familiar versions of a slot game include 3 reels and regular icons like cherries, BAR, and the number 7. This type of games has been around for a long time and a lot of people go for it because they prefer simplicity. A popular example is Diamond Cherries Slots. It has one payline and three reels and despite its modest design in terms of looks and rules, one could spend hours having fun playing it. The game has a wonderful retro atmosphere about it, it has a solid jackpot, a wild and a scatter, which could deliver you multipliers with the right combination. Simple, easy and satisfying, which is the beloved traditional way of online slots.

Sports Type

Sport-themed slots are always fun to experience and most people prefer them because of the tough competition. Hole in Won slots is a proper representative of the sport genre in online slot games and it is memorable for its many rules (but also many surprises). The game has 5 reels and 15 lines and features more complex gameplay like expanding wilds, a bonus round with wholly original rules, which you need to get to know well in order to come out on the top of the situation. Hole in Won proves that sport slots are more challenging but could also more rewarding, emotionally and financially.

Free Will Type

There are slot games which allow the player a lot of freedom and the rule are kept to a minimum and these are usually the less fancy, more simple type of games. That is the kind of slot game which will overwhelm you with seductive proposals, bonus games, jackpots and extra rewards of all kinds. Such a game is Shopping Spree Slots which has three bonuses, one of which is a Super Jackpot, awesome bet limits and much more.

Rock Game Type

There are many rock game slots at Café Casino and if you happen to be a fan of the genre you will most definitely enjoy your time with this online gambling theme. Apart from the satisfying amount of bonuses and the great numbers of the possible awards, the most distinctively pleasant thing about rock music-themed slots is obviously the design and the sound effects too. Psychedelic Sixties slots and Rock On slots are great members of that prestigious club. Café Casino offers a special page with plenty of other types and these are just four examples. Get to know the vast variety of games Café Casino offers and you can be certain you will find the best source of entertainment for yourself in there.