Bovada Casino Includes Multi-Hand Blackjack Into Its Table Game Collection

The iconic Twenty-One casino card game has now found its way to the online Bovada Casino platform. You can of course play the one hand version of this game, but it becomes even better when you multiply your chances during three hand rounds. Multi-Hand Blackjack is a fitting answer when you're in for a much bigger challenge. This thrilling game works with an equivalent set of rules as the classic six-deck version of Blackjack. However, it will provide not one but three times the exciting action that you're seeking for when you play hands.

How to Play the Game

Multi-Hand Blackjack is a great table game option for all of those players who want to raise the bar when it comes to experiencing thrills and making profits. With this game, you will be able to win more money during every round. Launch it on the captivating Bovada Casino website and then pick the number of hands you want to play. The number of hands will either be one, two or three. You will also need to throw in the ante (wager) for every active hand. Once you've made the initial playing preparations, you're ready for the real deal. Click on the "deal" button and receive your two-card sets. From that moment on, you largely control the outcome of the game.

Use "hit" when you like to add another playing card, or choose for "stand" when you're satisfied about the ones that are already given. Furthermore, it is also possible to "split" a single card hand into two separate ones. This option is available when you're in the possession of two cards with equal values. Additionally, you can use the "double down" option when you believe that just one more Blackjack card is going to deliver the win.

If you're familiar with playing traditional games of Blackjack, then you will recognize the "insurance" option, which you can use when the dealer is in the possession of an unconcealed Ace. If the odds do not seem to be in your favor, you can of course opt for "surrender". Multiple-hand games let you make a decision for each individual hand. The hand of the dealer will not change. Make an effort to obtain higher results than your dealer, but always avoid a bust, which occurs when you go over the number 21 with the obtained card values.

Will It Be a Win, Push or Loss

When a round is finished, you get to see all the cards from the dealer, and all of your hands are going to be compared with the dealer's cards. For every win, you receive a neat 1:1 payout. However, when the round turns out to be a push (tie), the initial wager will be placed back into your bankroll. Lastly, when you end up with a loss, you're initial bet amount will be transferred to the dealer.

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack on Various Devices

Are you excited to get started? You can play and enjoy a game of Multi-Hand Blackjack on various devices. Put your cards on the table via mobiles or tablets, or make use of laptops and desktop devices. A reliable and speedy internet connection and a stack of coins are the only other things you need in order to rake in those lucrative Blackjack profits on the entertaining Bovada Casino website.