Sin City Nights Slots

The city of Las Vegas really starts to buzz at night. That is the moment when most gamblers come to play their favorite games and enjoy the notorious night life of the city. Will you be among them to join in all the festivities and gambling parties? It is no problem if you are too far away from the real city. The web offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy Vegas from the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of online slot games that take you to the sparking entertainment capital of the world. They have themes that revolve around Las Vegas, and the high quality Betsoft Gaming slot Sin City Nights Slots is perhaps one of your best options if you want to have a great gambling experience.

When Betsoft is behind the slot reel wheel, you are assured of a good dose of fun and solid profits. There will be many unforgettable spinning adventures with their Vegas themed game. Many unique and innovative game elements are the main reason that your time with this slot will be unforgettable. While playing, you benefit from exploding icons, the win multiplier trail, free spins, high value icons and the double up function. Combine these elements with razor sharp design elements, warm colors and sleek animations and you have a perfect slot gambling recipe.

Blast Yourself to Big Profits With the Help of Exploding Icons

In this game, you can win again and then you will win some more and even more. The exploding icons elements takes care of your winning streaks. Winning slot attributes will explode on the reels, and the non-winning icons that stay behind will then take their place. Once the drop on the empty spaces, the win calculation process repeats itself. And if you're lucky, those replacement icons form another winning slot combination which will of course trigger another explosion. Thus, this lucrative process can go on for a while if luck is really on your side.

Make Top Wins With High Value Icons

There are three high value icons in this game, and if you're a seasoned player, then you will notice that they are similar to the symbols from classic slots, with the difference being that they are neon-lit icons in this game. First of all, there is the golden seven symbol. This is the icon with the highest value. It has a top prize of 2500 credits, and you need to make 5 slot reel hits to claim this prize. The second icon is the bell symbol. Spin it 5 times and you will put 1000 credits in your pockets. The third and last high value icon is the cherry, and its highest reward is 500 credits.

Steadily Increase Your Bankroll With Standard Icons

Besides high value icons, you can of course also spin a couple of standard neon symbols. These common card game attributes pay less, but they are still worth the spin. The A is especially appealing, because it rewards a maximum prize of 200 coins. K is the next icon on the pay table, and it rewards you with 100 credits if you place it on every available reel. Lastly, the Q has you covered with a top prize of 75 coins, and the J with 50.

Win for Free With Complimentary Spins

This game has a special free spins attribute. You need to spin this logo at least three times on activated pay-lines if you want to benefit from it. It will then trigger your free spins gift. The free spins symbol will only show up on slot reels one, two and three. You will see three times trail multipliers during the complimentary spins round.

Double up Your Slot Machine Winnings

Betsoft Gaming equips many of its games with the double up function. Once a win occurs, you can click on the double up button. You will then have the opportunity to gamble with the complete win amount or with half of it. You can repeat this process as long as you like. Select gamble 50% or choose gamble all and then pick heads or tails. Once you do this, the coin starts to spin. If you guess right, then then the prize will be doubled. Keep in mind that you cannot use the double up feature during the free spins feature.

Become a Winning With Sin City Nights Slots

When you play Sin City Nights Slots, you are always a winner. Even if the reels occasionally don't turn into you favor in terms of profits, you will still walk away with a satisfied feeling. The game's high entertainment value and its visual appeal are really satisfying aspects that you will love as a slot enthusiast. You can even enjoy these aspects without having to spend any money. Betsoft has its games on display at its own website. There, you can play them for free and for fun. However, if you're really in it for the big bucks, then you should head over to one of the many online gambling platforms that offer real money version of this game. But no matter what your reason is for playing this slot, you will not regret the time you spend on it. Don't postpone your trip to the virtual Sin City, because many unforgettable gambling nights await you in this slot game hot spot.