The Best New Jersey Online Casino

Play NJ have selected the best online casino that is based in New Jersey and currently the final verdict indicates that third place is held by Betfair Casino, the silver medal goes to Golden Nugget Casino and the winner happens to be Virgin Casino. Golden Nugget Casino is distinctive with a 20-dollar free cash bonus upon signing up, a welcome bonus of 100 percent up to 1000 dollars on the initial deposit and it happens to be the only New Jersey casino that is in possession of Live Dealer games. Betfair Casino also offers a 20-dollar free cash prize, a welcome 100 percent matching bonus that can be as high as 1500 dollars on the first deposit of the member and it offers progressive as well as exclusive games. What are the ingredients however, of Virgin Casino, the best NJ online casino right now?

Website and Services

The website of Virgin Casino is a subtly polished combination of blue and red shades with an expertly informative homepage, simple practical buttons and an easily accessible menu. The main steps to joining the website are at the bottom of the website as well as the financial partners and the links to the main social media pages. The main menu is position at the top, as well as the log in detail slot. Every time you move the webpage up and down it will react. Promotions are being advertised on the main screen. The main menu consists of Slots, Casino, 90 Ball Bingo, Promotions and Free, the latter of which offers 2 games simply for entertainment purposes and they are Search for the Phoenix and Tiki’s Catch of the Day. These two games provide gamblers with free spins bonuses You will also notice that a lovely lady will pop up at the bottom right side of the screen offering you advice as you make your way through the website.


There are 144 Slot games available in Virgin Casino. Chances are that you will definitely find something that suits your personal requirements and preferences. Some of the titles at the top of the gallery are Secrets of the Phoenix, Cats, Scratchcard Shop, Wonderland, Lights and Jungle Spirit. All of these are found within the Slots section of the website. The Casino section is in possession of 23 more games such as Blackjack types, Poker types, Craps, Roulette types, Keno types and others.


There are promotions offered and described in the four middle menu sections- Slots, Casino, 90 Ball Bingo and Promotions. If you click the Promotions tab you will witness 13 different bonus offers. Happy Hours involves earning 120 dollars as a cash prize bonus from the 8th of May to the 11th of May. Mother’s Appreciation involves 1000 dollars in Prizes in the form of gift cards for spa, restaurant and Ticketmaster. Virgin Adventures actually gives players the chance to win a ticket for a whale watching show. Mother’s Love Bonus represents a collective cash award of 7000 dollars, meaning that you can win 500 dollars individually. The usual Refer a Friend bonus pays 50 dollars for every new player that you assist with joining the casino. Naturally there is a VIP member promotion, a state in which the gambler will get to experience and updated version of his or her membership in terms of prizes and comforts. Virgin Casino offers the so-called Community Jackpot prizes. These can be won if the player clicks on a special key that appears in a game, provided the gambler is playing for real money. The clicking of that key could deliver one out of four Community Jackpot awards: the red, which is 500 dollars, the silver, which is 1000 dollars, the gold, which is 5000 dollars and the platinum, which is 10 000 dollars. At Virgin Casino there is the V* Points feature. V* Points can be collected through playing with real money and when 20 V* Points are collected they can be swapped for cash prizes. The games Tiki’s Catch of the Day and Search for the Phoenix. The more time players spend on these games the bigger chance they get to receive a big package of free spins at the end of the month. The casino also offers a cash back of 10 percent on the first deposit of the player that can be as high as 100 dollars. And naturally, when you register in the website there is a special Promo code you can use so that you receive an instant 10 dollars as a bonus.

With all those promotions, it is really no mystery why this happens to be the current king of New Jersey online gambling casinos. It takes the crown through its numerous games, an equal number of promotions and its great-looking website.