Luck Could Be Yours with the Double Ya Luck Slots Game

Sometimes it is good to have a change from the usual involved 5-reel slots games to try something a little different. As such you might want to have a closer look at Double Ya Luck. This is a more traditional-looking game but don’t assume for a moment that it is simple. As we are about to reveal, the game has more to offer than you might at first assume.

Reels and paylines: What should you expect?

Double Ya Luck has just three reels on offer but it doesn’t skimp on the features (you’ll find out more soon). Issued by Real Time Gaming, it only has three paylines but there is more to find out too.

How much or little could you wager?

The smallest bet per line with this game is 10 cents. However you can go up as high as a dollar per line. This means if you want to wager on all three lines it could cost between 30 cents and three dollars.

Does Double Ya Luck offer any special symbols?

There are all kinds of familiar symbols here. A lot of them are traditional-style symbols you would expect to find if you played a traditional real-life slots machine.

Can you look for a bonus round?

You can indeed. The three words that form the name of the game, Double Ya Luck, all appear separately on different symbols. If you manage to get all three of these on the reels, spelling out the name of the game in order as a result, you can trigger the bonus feature. This is a gamble feature that could reward you with as many as 40 free games! You can also enjoy a x4 multiplier feature during this bit. In addition to this look out for the red dice to appear on the reels as you spin. If you get three of them you start moving around the board game, which uses the symbols on the screen from the start button round to the right. The further you get, the more you stand a chance of winning.

Download and play Double Ya Luck today!

We loved this game. Double Ya Luck may look like a traditional slot machine game to begin with, but it is far from being that. It has become a firm favorite with many and it could be a favorite for you too.