Arcade Style Slots Approved in Nevada

Las Vegas casinos are hoping for a whole lot more slots action soon as a new ruling by Nevada gaming regulators means that for the first time, they’ll be able to offer slots with skill and arcade game features. This opens up a whole world of design options for slots developments companies who can now produce casino slots with a myriad of new types of features, in fact as long as they stick to the guidelines then anything goes. It was the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (the slots development companies) that pushed for the changes, arguing that the floors of the Vegas casinos needed freshening up to attract a different audience, and they’re very happy with the outcome. Gregg Giuffria the G2 Game Design Executive stated that, “This is an evolution in gaming. An older demographic is currently playing slot machines. This addresses a completely new generation coming into casinos and a wave of new players.” The argument put forward was that the new generation of players entering casinos had little to no interest in slots in their current format, and that they were more familiar with arcade and video style games. The changes in regulation mean that new games can be a mix of skill and luck however what those new slots and games will look and play like is still uncertain, and the first releases could be in casinos by the end of this year. Over the last 10 years Vegas casinos have seen a 5% drop in slots revenue and although that may of course be linked to economic issues, it’s also known that younger players are not sitting at the slots as older generations did. New Jersey made similar changes to its casino games regulation in February meaning that the same games will be seen in Atlantic City casinos too, games that will get their first outings in the upcoming casino and gaming exhibitions.