The Madder Scientist Slots

Just when you thought the Mad Scientist Slots couldn’t get any better, has just launched the Madder Scientist Slots. It’s even more outrageous that its predecessor. This is a 3D slot game that can be considered a bit crazy, but then so is the scientist. It has a feature that you might not expect. You can respin any of the reels at any time to form winning combinations, put together a mixture of chemicals in the bonus round, get wilds that you can switch, and get 3 wild symbols to expose a grand prize.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline 3D video slot, the Madder Scientist Slots has coin sizes ranging from two cents to $1. Please read the pay table so that you will have full knowledge of how you can maximize the payouts in this game.

Crazy as a Fox

The symbols in The Madder Scientist include: The Scientist, his Assistant, a Rabbit, a Danger Sign, Carrots, Chemicals, Beakers, and Switches. The Madder Scientist is trying to turn objects into gold, and you will be the one to help him achieve his goal. As you spin the reels, he is at his worktable, and if you win this crazy guy yells out “Excellent!”

Respin Feature

This is a unique feature in the Madder Scientist. After you spin the reel once, at the bottom of the reels you will see the word RESPIN. You can use this feature at a price (which will be shown on the reels), and if you are close to making a great combination, the respins will have arrows indicating which reels you should respin. I used this to get three carrots and won 1200 coins.

Click Me Feature

Get three Beaker symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 to trigger the Click Me Feature. Select a beaker which will give you a prize. You can continue to collect these beakers until you see the word Collect. The round is then over.

The Wild Switches

Get 3 Wild Switch symbols to trigger the Wild Switches, which will randomly appear on any of the 5 reels. It will remain there for a specific number of spins.

The Carrots

Get three or more carrots and you will activate the Bonus Round. And I must say this is quite spectacular. Here you will be taken to a second screen where you will concoct a mixture of liquids to assist the scientist to turn the carrots to gold. The first task will be to choose a base chemical compound. Three will be displayed in 3 different colors. The one chosen will be poured into a beaker. The one you choose will have a prize attached to it. Next, you will be asked to choose a stabilizer chemical, and again, there are three in different colors. Whichever one you choose will offer a payout. Watch as the latter is poured into the beaker. Next, you will see a sign that says “Let’s See What Happens.” A third screen will appear with the Scientist at his worktable. He will pour the chemicals you chose into a larger beaker. If the carrot turns gold – you will win the prizes from the two original beakers plus the prize if the carrot turns to gold. I won 1200 in this round, but if the carrot turns into a diamond carrot, that’s more money in your pocket.

Play the New Madder Scientist

This is a fabulous slot game in 3D; very realistic and humorous, although the music was a bit much. But you can win quite a bit of money play this game. We recommend you join and play the new Madder Scientist. It is a quality game and very lucrative.