Greedy Goblins Slots

Goblins and Elves do not only exist on the television screens, but can be found in the latest BetSoft game entitled, "Greedy Goblins" Slots. When you play Greedy Goblins Slots, you will view what it really means to be a Goblin or an Elf. The Greedy Goblins slot game is filled with everything you could ask for as a casino slots player. There are unique features such as the cascading wilds. You will notice that this slots game does have sticky wilds, and let's not forget the progressive jackpot that is available if you are lucky. You will recognize that the theme of the slot game Greedy Goblins is to watch the Elves and Goblins and see how they interact. The Elves and Goblins are sworn enemies and the Goblins will stop at nothing to take more and more money from the Elves. Keep in mind that Greedy Goblins is the sequel to another game. This is just the continuation of BetSoft's "Once Upon a Time" slots game. Like its predecessor, the gameplay is in 3D animation.

Facts for Greedy Goblins Slots Game

Greedy Goblins Slots is really fun game that is based on the usual design from BetOnSoft. You can expect five reels, but there are 30 paylines to watch the symbols spin. The game symbols include Goblins, Toadstools, Elfania, Enchanted Forest, Elves, Crown, Golden Coins, Books and the Treehouse. Greedy Goblins slot game does have wilds and scatters placed throughout the game. For example, the main wild symbol is the Treehouse. The scatter is the Elfania Enchanted Forest symbol. Receiving the wild symbol will lead to the appearance of sticky wilds during some spins. Sticky wilds occur when some of the reels become "stuck" and the rest spin. This spinning reels can then match up with the substituted symbols to create a win. Sticky wilds are something for you to look out for in Greedy Goblins Slots as these wilds remain for at least three spins of the reels. Another fact to look for is cascading symbols. These are symbols that will continue to fall off the reels after a single spin. This can cause a winning combination, depending on what symbols are located below it. As a player you will enjoy the amount of money that is possible to be won. The minimum wager is $0.02 and this is increased when players wager on all paylines. There is a progressive jackpot that you can qualify for with a maximum wager.

Bonus Features For Greedy Goblins

  • Two bonus games are available for Greedy Goblins slots. The first game will give free spins. Up to 10 free spins is available along with a 2x multiplier. You must receive at least three Elfania Enchanted Forest symbols. You can receive 15 free spins, and a 10x multiplier with four Elfania symbols. Five symbols is what you should aim for as this rewards 25 free spins and a 50x multiplier.
  • A second bonus game that is available is called the Book of Secrets feature. The Books symbols are the trigger and players will have to obtain two symbols to start this bonus game on the second and fourth reels. During the Book of Secrets feature, the Goblins will steal into the Elfania Enchanted Forest. As a player you will have to click different items to find money that the Elves have hidden. The Goblins must do this before the Elves detect them. All you will have to do is collect your winnings at the end of the bonus round.
  • A third bonus feature involve the Gold Coins symbols. You must receive at least two Gold Coins on the reels for the feature to be triggered. The Gold Coins will then cascade off the reels and be replaced by other symbols. This increases any winnings.

Are you ready for the Goblins? When you play Greedy Goblins slots game there are many chances for you to try to win the progressive jackpot. Start by downloading or using instant play to get started now.