Using EZ Voucher at Uptown Aces Casino

EZ Voucher is also known as Paste and Pay and is a simple to use and instant depositing method that many players have started to use at the US online casino of Uptown Aces. While many players prefer depositing with Visa and MasterCard, EZ Voucher provides a great alternative for real money slots players who do not wish to use their credit cards at the casino, or have difficulty with the deposit being accepted.

To get going with EZ Voucher you'll need to open up an EZ Voucher account, which is a simple two minute task, and the main point when registering that account is to provide a correct cell phone number, as your financial transactions will need to be verified with a code, sent to your phone. You'll then need to fund your EZ Voucher account, and this can be done using your credit or debit card, or even a prepaid Visa, which will have a 100% acceptance rate.

So you have your EZ Voucher account, your cell phone has been verified and the account has been loaded, now it's time to deposit at Uptown Aces. In the casino cashier you'll need to select the EZ Voucher (Paste and Pay) option and select the amount you wish to deposit. You then purchase a voucher for that amount or more in the EZ Voucher system and use that code to make your deposit at Uptown Aces. One important thing to note is that you do not need to use the whole voucher amount at one time, so for example you may purchase a $100 voucher, but then only deposit $25 at Uptown Aces, leaving $75 on the voucher for future use...great way for managing your casino bankroll.

EZ Voucher is a great casino payment method in that you do not need to enter your credit card details at the casino or indeed after the first time you've set up your account at EZ Voucher. It gives you great control over the amount you deposit at the casino as there's no need to spend the whole voucher amount at once and it's extremely safe and secure.