Casino Games Focused on Numbers

Numbers are a passion for a lot of people. Math enthusiasts and intricate task solvers can find a lot of enjoyment in the world of online gambling nowadays, particularly with some game types and titles. Granted, there aren’t so many of them but the they are all extremely popular. Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to enter an online casino and not find Keno or Sudoku in the Specialty Games section of the website. Naturally, every gambling game deals with numbers in one way or another but there are only specific games, which are exclusively focused on them and examples include Bingo, Sudoku, Keno, Roulette, Craps among others.


There are many types of Roulette games. European Roulettes are distinctive with their single-zero gameplay and the American one with its double zero one. The inventor of roulettes is called Blaise Pascal, a very famous person, who you must have heard of if you know some basic math history. Roulette is the result of his strive for coming up with new inventions.


Craps is also quite popular and its rules are very straightforward and easy to understand. Online craps is even simpler but just as famous, if not more so. Its gameplay involves the rolling of a dice and the placing of a bet and obviously the number that is facing up when the dice has stopped is of crucial importance.


Bingo’s gambling version is also a popular-numbers affiliated game. There are many variations of the game on different casinos. It is capable of offering various bonus games and it is often linked with huge progressive bonuses. Once the appropriate patterns are successfully finished in the game (similarly to how regular bingo games play out) special bonus prizes are delivered.


Gambling-style Sudoku adopts the famous Japanese game, involving the same 9 positions and 3 by 3 squares shape. An example is the Sudoku Number Box Game, available in popular casinos such as and Bovada. In this version, once the Spin button is pressed, the numbers on the different positions will start spinning and when they are done, they will reveal a different number. When the nine digits land in order, the player can acquire the huge award. A different number of bet coins can also be applied and in order to win the highest possible award, the maximum bet needs to be placed.


One of the oldest number-connected games is Keno. Its origins were located in ancient China and this is a piece of gambling entertainment that is fully centered on digits. The gameplay is simple. There is a card with the number between 1 to 80 and 15 digits will have to be selected by the player, after which the computer will also choose 20 digits. The more the player’s digits match with the digits, singled out by the computer, the greater will be the earnings. If you have a special affection for numbers, particularly when they are big and are displayed in your account balance, these gambling games affiliated with numbers are bound to bring you lots of pleasure and excitement.