How Skills Based Games Can Better Your Odds

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the online casino giants began to realise that a huge percentage of millennials were growing reluctant toward the traditional casino games.

Millennials in general were attracted to console gaming; they got a buzz from Xbox immersive gaming experiences instead of just staring at some spinning reels.

Therefore the online casinos were aware that the younger generation preferred to play games where individual skills could be rewarded. Once they had realised this phenomenon many of the casino operators requested amendments to the gaming laws to allow 'variable payouts', and thus paved the way for slots to incorporate high levels of video skilled gaming.

In the past, most of the gaming laws dictated that the payout odds should all be the same for all players. This is no longer the case, variable payouts and the proficiency of good players are now allowing better odds to be paid for players that do better.

This is the reason why many reputable online gaming operators, such as, All Slots Canadian online casino has now increased their game choices to over 500 online casino games, plus many of them are skills based, and the casino is adding new and more modern games monthly.

What Is The Next Big Thing For Online Casinos?

Currently there is plenty of talk regarding virtual reality in online gaming, and this is being developed to reach its full potential, the reality is the social aspect of many modern online casinos games.

Today technology is constantly improving and many of the games can now be played on mobile and tablet devices, more and more players are finding the social aspect of gaming experiences to be engaging and entertaining. A lot of online gamblers aren't driven by the need to gamble but by a desire to have a good time whilst gaming and gambling.

This means that in the future for the average social casino game player will most likely be more of a gamer than a gambler.

Christoph Jenke, an industry expert and COO of the social betting game startup Crowdpark, said that modern social gambling users really enjoy their gaming, and the amounts of money that are placed on games is much less, as players like to play more because modern games are more playful. Over time the lines between video gaming and gambling will continue to become blurred, and the advent of virtual reality will surely increase thus there is a need for a further crossover to unite the world of online gaming, gambling and entertainment.