Lucky Fruity 7s

Wager Gaming Software is the driving force and the gaming platform behind Lucky Fruity 7’s, a traditional style, slot game thats rich on the fruits and the cash and prizes.

About Lucky Fruity 7’s

As stated earlier, this title is the vintage slot game, coming in three reels with a single pay line that packs a fruity punch. The game design is reminiscent to a classic, golden casino slot that even comes with a side crank to pull. The symbols in this game reflect the fruits as well. The game’s wild symbol is the official game logo. The more of these that land in conjunction with the coins you’ve wagered, will determine the value of the coins received. A set of three based on a single coin wager, will yield you a 1,000 coins, which will double to 2,000 coins, and then on to 3,000 coins if you’ve wagered with three coins. Unlike other three games, Lucky Fruity 7’s actually allows you to bet with five coins. If you get three of the wild to land based on the maximum five, coin bet, then the top game amount of 5,000 coins will jingle your way. This same wild has the power to pay out, anywhere on the reels based on other symbols. The coin values for landing two or more range from 200 to 1,000, based on the number of coins you wagered with. The other game symbols are lemon shaped bells, orange slices, cherries, and the single bar. Next to the wild symbol, the lemon bells pay anywhere from 100 to five coins, if three lands on the reels, and based on the number of coins you placed your bets with. Landing a single bar, cherry or orange slice, will pay out at least 5 credits. While Lucky Fruity 7’s does not come with a progressive jackpot, the top amount that can be won, is 5,000 coins. There is also no auto play function, so you will have to place your own bets. There are buttons to facilitate the number of credits you wish to play with. You can also pull the side crank to play with a single coin. Wager Gaming Software proudly presents Lucky Fruity 7’s, a traditional slot game that’s heavy on both the fruits and the lucky wins. This game can be enjoyed at many online casinos.