Watch Out For Wild Symbols

Whenever you play online slots you will always come across a range of different symbols in play in every game. But some types of symbols can be found in virtually every game you play – and one of these is the wild symbol.

What is the wild symbol?

The wild symbol is well worth watching out for, because it has a unique ability that is not shared by any other symbol on a slots machine. Basically it can be used as a substitute for any other symbol in play on the machine. So you might have a fruit machine with bananas, cherries, apples and so on to try and line up. The wild symbol can represent any of these when you play in order to give you better odds for a winning line.

What does it look like?

The appearance of the wild symbol will depend on the game you are playing. Quite often the word ‘wild’ will pop up underneath it to make it easy to spot. With other games it simply appears as a certain icon. In this case you will usually be able to read about it in the rules before you start playing. They will point out which one to look for as you play.

Is it a good thing to get a wild symbol coming up on the reels as you play?

It certainly is, because it can win you more prizes than you would get otherwise. Let’s say you are playing a three reel slots machine and you need to line up three bunches of bananas to win a prize. When you spin the reels you end up with two bunches of bananas. But the third symbol turns out to be a wild symbol, so the machine will automatically use this wild symbol as another bunch of bananas to produce a win for you. You don’t need to choose which symbol you want the wild one to act as. The machine does it all by itself. The wild symbol can give you more wins than you would get otherwise This tips the odds in your favor while you are playing. But with this said, if you have better odds of winning, the size of the prizes is liable to go down to compensate for it. However wouldn’t you rather get more wins on a regular basis, thanks to the wild symbol?