Wheel of Chance 3 reel Slots

The ultimate goal of Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots is to spin the bonus wheel. To do so, make sure you bet three credits. A one or two credit wager nixes your chances at the bonus. Don't worry, you can bet as little as a penny and only spend 3 cents on each spin.

Win Up to 2,400 Coins in the Normal Game

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots has just one pay line, so it's easy to track winning combinations. The prize you win depends on your bet. With a one credit bet, you can win up to 800 coins if you get three diamonds. Bet two credits and the winning potential becomes 1,600 coins for the three diamonds. Betting all three credits works to your benefit. In doing so, you gain access to the bonus feature. The diamonds also multiply your winnings by two or four when they help form a winning pay line. For example, three cherries usually pay you 20 coins. If you get two cherries and a diamond, your prize increases to 40 coins. Two diamonds and one cherry increases it to 80 coins. Plus, three credits leads to the highest possible regular prize of 2,400 coins.

The Prize Wheel Bonus Feature

When the third reel stops and the Bonus symbol is in the center, you'll play the bonus game. In this game, you're shown a wheel that looks much like the prize wheel in Wheel of Fortune. Spin the reel and see what you win. You can spin again to build up your prize or collect your winnings. If you spin again, more “bust” slots are added to the reel, which increases your chances of losing everything. Play Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slots at leading online casinos. It's simple to set up and very rewarding as you get into the bonus prizes or some of the larger payouts. You also can bet very little and spin the reels for hours without worrying about spending too much. Check it out today.