Mad Road Slots

Forget worldwide Armageddon in the future, its time right now to reap the rewards and prizes in “Mad Road,” a new slot game, where players can capitalize in this apocalyptic wasteland to rack up prizes and cash.

About Mad Road Slots

“Mad Road” is a 5 reel, 15 pay line, interactive slot game, released by Arrow's Edge. And while road rage is against the law in the real world, road rage more than pays in this game, as players navigate from other crazy, angry drivers and other threats, on the virtual highway. The lead characters in the game are, Billy, Dagger, Adara, and even the Scrappy the dog. In fact, Billy strikes a strong resemblance to a young, Mad Max in body build and uniform, but make no mistake about it, Mad Road is way beyond Thuderdome, considering the explosions and rage in this 3D adventure actually pays. The game play happens in the first person, from within the car, which comes complete with a skull on the glove compartment. On the screen, the reels come in four, triangle hazards. There is also a running tally of wins and a current multiplier. The symbols in this game is Adara, a red haired, dangerous siren, who also serves as the driver. Adara also represents the wild symbol. The character, Billy, the hero, represents the scatter symbol. Other symbols include Scrappy the dog, the semi-truck, Scrappy the dog, wheels, shot gun, barrels, a car, and the rugged foe, Dagger who awfully resembles the main villain in Mad Max, with a steel mask. What's cool about this game, is that winning combinations, literally explode on the screen. Afterwards, new symbols will fall down from above to take their place. Even better, for every combination that explodes, the winning multiplier increases by one. The max multiplier in this game is 6. As mentioned earlier, Billy represents the scatter symbol. Landing three of him will initiate the bonus round, which contains up to nine levels. Players start off with three picks where they can choose from four options, which hopefully contain prizes. After each win, players can opt to double their winnings in the Double Up feature. Winners are greeted with a spinning coin and must choose either the side of the Billy or Adara. If the coin stops at the correct selection, their winnings are doubled, and can continue to double their monies all the way up to $25,000. But take head, one wrong guess means all monies are lost. Mad Road also features a progressive jackpot that can be won with any spin, or should I say, shot? The regular, total payout is 2,000 coins.