GeoComply Taking Down Gamblers in Hiding

100 feet away from the California border, one reporter successfully logged into the application of the World Series of Poker using an iPhone. He was testing the accuracy of the service provided by the poker application in order to make sure that people who are living outside of Nevada are unable to access the game unauthorized. The technology is developed by GeoComply, a company with plenty of experience and credits. The location of the player and his identification are constantly participating in the debate regarding the legalization of online gaming. There are many who believe that online gaming should be prohibited because sufficiently protective technology hasn’t been created yet.

Geo Comply’s Border

The reporter couldn’t get in from a distance of just 10 feet. When a driver transported him to California, he managed to fold a hand but when he attempted to place a bet on the following hand, a black box appeared on the screen, pausing the process. The message on the box warns the player that his activity has been detected and that he or she should immediately stop his wagering attempt from outside the state. GeoComply have obviously done a good job with detecting the wrongful activity but the fact remains that most of the cheaters are using proxy servers in order to disguise their location. Websites like Draft Kings suffered through the use of such websites, which sparked off criticism that not enough was being done in order to prevent the illegal wagering.

Geo Comply’s Power

GeoComply’s so-called “gold standard” services were then called upon. GeoComply can provide its special protection in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada and these are at the same time the three states that are allowing online gaming. The Georgia Lottery is also being supported by them. GeoComply’s secret lies within a complicated system of checks in order to determine a player’s location and what they take under consideration is the person’s IP address, GSM, GPS and also Wi-Fi position. According to David Salas, who is in charge of the enforcement division at the Nevada Gaming Control Board shares the opinion that the geolocation providers have double checked their systems to stress on the security of their operations and that no people have logged from outside Nevada. Critics towards the situation in Nevada, such as the National Association of Convenience Stores did not comment.

Geo Comply’s History

GeoComply itself was created in 2011 after a special meeting with D.C. officials regarding lottery regulation after which Chief Executive Anna Sainsbury decided to act and create technology which would regulate the problematic situation. Their first task arrived from Bally Technologies, when six online gambling operators were services by the company. From then on GeoComply would vastly develop to the point when in 2010 there are more than 60 people working in the company with 50 of them in various technical roles. The more transactions the company makes the bigger revenue it generates and more and more companies are using their services ever since their inception. Sporting events, for instance create huge profits. Even though GeoComply is making much more money through anything but online gaming including films, TV and the world of sports, their services are always available and useful.