Why You Will Become Very Excited When You Play The Most Entertaining 3D Online Slot Machines

The popularity of

innovative 3D Slot machines

has risen exponentially in recent years. Due to their advanced technical features that surpass those of standard slot games, they have won the hearts of many online slot players. As a result, 3D Slots are now quickly taking over the online casino territories from older, less advanced video slots.

Why Three Dimensional Slots Are Popular among Casino Players

Three dimensional casino games are becoming more popular than older slots, because they offer innovative and sophisticated designs as well as cutting-edge game features that provide more winning opportunities.

The brilliance of 3D technology really seeps into all aspects of the games. Graphics look better, sounds are more realistic and the animations are captivating. Your senses will truly have a blast with these games.

See How Your Online Slot Machine Comes to live on the Screen

With the introduction of innovative 3D software, movement takes on a much more prominent part in online slot titles. A multitude of pay line combinations go crisscross along the screen to create winnings and free spins. Multipliers make sure that your winning amounts rise to record heights, and various beautifully animated slot reel symbols compete to get your attention.

But this attention game is most certainly won by the wild icons. These attributes have never been so mobile in their actions. In 3D titles, they stack, shift and expand so that your winnings become even better.

All these futuristic enhancements have greatly improved the game play features and the winning opportunities. But which slot titles actually make use of these improvements? It is time to find your favorite 3D slot game.

Find Your Favorite 3D Slot Game

Do all these exciting modern game features make you excited, and are you searching around on the internet to find a perfect three dimensional entertainment spectacle that will blow you away?

Then you will certainly come across a lot of well-designed slot titles that are developed by popular game designers, like for exampleRival Gaming, Betsoft Gaming and Genesis Gaming, who picked up on the trend and made gamblers fall in love with their creations.

But what are the best ones among those games, you might ask yourself. If that is the case, then you definitely want to check out the following described slot titles.

These titles are some of the most entertaining 3D slots that you can find on the internet, and you can be sure that they are very rewarding when it comes to handing out cash prizes.

Last but certainly not least, they also have intriguing themes with detailed story lines that take place in virtual slot ambiances and exciting bonus rounds.

Spot Large Sea Animals and Big Deep Sea Cash Prizes in Whale O' Winnings Slots

Therefore, it is good to know that you can observe this extraordinary species from up close in Whale O' Winnings Slots from Rival Gaming.

As you might expect from an animated, 3D slot title, this friendly smiling whale is not just a picture on the screen. The cheerful sea creature floats in the water on the right side of the screen, and it will occasionally take a peek at your spinning results.

It is good to have this whale around, because he will be the host that introduces you to his underwater friends, and to the deep sea items that are a part of his daily life.

These friends and items will also shortly become a part of your life when you spin the 5 reels of Whale O' Winnings Slots. Collect the whale's good spirited friends like the dolphin and the sea lion, combine them with other symbols like a life preserver, a sea urchin or a money bag, and then connect the dots with the help of 50 pay lines.

Make sure that you have clean goggles when you dive under the ocean's surface to explore the hidden treasures of the deep, because you might not only be able to spot large sea animals but also big cash prizes.

Bullets and Winnings Symbols Cross the Screen in Six Shot Showdown Slots

Genesis Gaming's Six Shot Showdown Slots gives you 5 reels and a massive number of 243 pay lines to conquer the Old West and cause mayhem in its ragged little frontier towns. But be aware of the sheriff, because he keeps an eye on your actions from his position on the left side of the screen.

In this epic, western themed game, it are not only the tumbleweeds that will roll across the screen when the action starts. Various symbols are positioned on the reels, and the sheriff badge icon is one of the most notable ones.

Spin the available symbols in position, and make sure that you also properly spin the bullets in your pistol magazine. You definitely won't want to run out of shooting power when a bunch of villainous outlaws hit the town to disturb the already fragile peace.

Take care of them and your reward might be much more valuable than just a pat on the back from the locals or a free glass of whiskey in the saloon.

What Kind Of Ancient and Mysterious Treasures Will You Expose in Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots

The outstanding Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots is one of the best 3D games in Rival Gaming's impressive slot title collection. Not only does this 25 pay line and 5 reel game has well designed graphics, it also stands out because of its intriguing story.

Have you ever wondered what could have happened with that mysterious civilization of Atlantis? Legend has it, that the civilization met its fate when Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the sea.

But what was the exact location of this ancient city? It is hard to tell, because the deep, dark sea holds many mysteries that still need to be uncovered by brave explorers who are willing to go to the bottom of the matter, figuratively as well as literally.

Are you such a brave adventurer that finally wants to unravel the lost secret of Atlantis? Then this is your lucky chance, because a well prepared sea explorer is ready to take you along in a fancy submarine that is hopefully going to spot the exact location of the sunken city and its treasures.

But don't only focus on Atlantis and its valuables when you get on board, because the wondrous 3D underwater scenery is definitely worth a look as well.

Marvel at the tropical fish, the sea stars, the shells and the seahorses. However, make sure you don't run into any big dangerous sharks though, because they are most likely not friendly and certainly not vegetarian.

But don't worry too much about them. Enjoy your bubbly adventure in Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots, and finally give everyone a definitive answer about the whereabouts of Atlantis. That spectacular discovery will certainly make you a very rich and famous person.

Scary Rich 3 Slots Freaks You out and Pays You Out

Scary Rich 3 Slots is the third edition of the beloved Scary Rich Slots series from game producer Rival Gaming. When it comes to sound and visuals, this 5 reel and 50 pay line title is the most stunning installment of the three games. On top of that, it also has a great story that will positively freak you out, if you are into that kind of stuff.

Will you manage to stay alive when you're forced to stay in a spooky mansion during the night? Luckily, some of your friends are with you in the mansion so you have someone to hang on to when things get scary. And they most certainly will once the reels start turning.

But will these reels lead you to your doom or to great fortunes? There is a possibility that you come out of the mansion alive with a lot more money in your pockets than when you got in. But you have some other stuff to think and worry about first, because it is not just dust that will creep up on you when you and your mates roam around in the shadowy and creaky hallways.

Your greatest nightmare could expose itself at any moment. Therefore, you're going to need a few materials that will hopefully keep you and your friends save. Some of the items in your survival package are a lantern, a set of keys and a video camera.

Use these precious items to flee from the monsters, but also use them to locate the many treasures that are hidden in the mansion as well. These valuable items are the sunny side of this story. They will hopefully give you the strength and the courage that you so desperately need.

Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots Provides You with the Booty That Every Pirate Dreams Of

You better stack up on some extra bottles of rum, because Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots is about to sail into your screen, and this joyful game brings along a whole package of pirate fun and salty sea adventures.

Now is the right time to decide if you are a landlubber or a sea rat. Do you have what it takes to become a notorious pirate, and are you brave enough to venture onto the seven seas in search of booty, liquor and vicious swords fights?

Arrr me matey, don't wait until your beard touches the ground. You already know the answer. Get on board, raise the sails and lift that anchor, because great adventures and treasure chests full of golden coins await you.

On board of the ship, you will find the loyal and brave shipmates who will accompany you on every part of the journey. Captain Roger is the commander of the vessel, and he always sails it safely to its destination. Your other crew members are the captain's jolly First Mate and the pretty but tough Lady Red.

Furthermore, you will also be in possession of every item you need to make the mission a blasting success. Your feisty cannons will blow holes in even the most powerful ships, and you can bet your booty on it that those ships will quickly be on their way to the deeply dreaded locker of Davey Jones.

In addition, your powerful pistols will shoot wind holes in every opponent who believes that it is wise to stand in between you and your precious pirate doubloons. And if your pistols won't do the trick, then a pair of vicious cutlasses will certainly put the fear in every man's heart.

Lastly, you will also find an important item on the reels that is more suitable for the end of your successful adventure. At that moment, you will be allowed to celebrate your newly gained fortunes by knocking yourself senseless with a bottle of the finest pirate rum.

Puppy Love Slots Is So Cute and Lucrative That It Is Hard to Ignore

If you are a big fan of dogs, then you probably think there aren't a lot of things in the world that are so cute as a bunch of adorable little puppies.

Those lovely canines always manage to make your heart melt when they look at you with those big eyes. In their constant efforts to get your attention, they will give you sad puppy looks that are impossible to ignore.

When you play the 20 pay line and 5 reel Puppy Love Slots game in a Betsoft Gaming powered casino, it is wise to give the young dogs as much as attention as you can manage. They will give you their loyalty in return, and you will also be handsomely rewarded for your love and affections. And once those casino winnings start to flush in, you will be able buy as many real puppies as you can handle.

Pick Your Favorites among a Wide Selection Of 3D slots

It is safe to say that spinning reels has become a lot more fun now that 3D Slots are around. These games are certainly the next prime entertainment options in online gambling platforms.

It is a logical development, because the popularity of three dimensional visuals has also already spiked in the computer game industry and in movie theaters. It is only a matter of time before this technological development start to rule on casino websites as well.

Enjoy all the entertaining 3D online slot machines on popular gambling platforms like Slots.lv,

Ignition Casino

and Bovada Casino. At these safe and customer friendly gambling sites, you can play all the mentioned games for free if you do not wish to make a deposit. However, the fun and excitement will of course greatly increase when you start to play for real money coins.