21 Wilds Slots

Who says that the only way you can get the power of 21 blackjack is by only playing the table game? Well thanks to Bovada Gaming, you now have the best of both worlds thanks to 21 Wild Slots.

The Inside Scoop On The Game

21 Wild Slots comes in five reels and nine pay lines. The mission is clear, get the right three symbols on the pay line to score 21 and to win. To help put you into the mood, the game setting resembles a regular table game. As you would normally expect, the symbols in the game center around 21, blackjack, and they include the clubs, the spaces, the aces, kings, queens and tens. Other symbols include the treasure chest, along with the playing cards with 1,000 dollar chips. The interface is pretty simple, you press down the auto play button to make your spins. To make the player feel completely at ease, there is button, that flips the game icons and spins to accommodate those who are left handed. The hallmark of 21 Wild Slots are the different types of wilds that they have. The is a meter to gauge what the winning multiplier will be. The winning multiplier ranges from two times to 16 times. The more you spin, the more the meter will increase. The blackjack is the wild symbol, which will double your wins. The royal flush is definitely in play. Manage to get three tens from the left of the right along with a wild symbol, it will put into play other symbols like jacks even though they are horizontal. And when you score a big win, the winning multiplier will spike and get even closer to the grand daddy, 16 times. The golden chips represent the game’s scatter symbol. It is also important to note that two spades will also pay out. Getting three of the scatters will start the free spins round where you are granted four free spins. Should you land a wild in between two scatters, it can trigger a nearby scatter to help usher in the free spins round. Thanks again to Bovada Gaming, the gaming developer behind this unique wonder which gives you the best of table games with the ingenuity of slot games. This game comes optimized for both desktop and mobile device players to play at your leisure.