Try Your Luck At Double Exposure Blackjack

If you think you know the rules of blackjack, think again. Double Exposure Blackjack is the new kid on the block – and players are raving about this new addition to the game. Try it yourself to see if like it, regardless of whether you are a beginner or not.

Why is it called Double Exposure?

In traditional blackjack the dealer keeps their cards under wraps. You can only guess at what they are holding. But with Double Exposure you can see exactly what cards they have. This gives you an extra edge you wouldn’t have otherwise. If you are holding a total of twelve, would you draw another card or stick? What if you knew the dealer was holding twenty? Would that change how you played your hand?

Great for Blackjack Beginners

The additional level of knowledge that Double Exposure Blackjack offers makes it a great game for anyone who has never tried playing blackjack before. Instead of being in the dark about what the dealer has in their hand, you’ll know exactly what you are up against.

Think Ahead and Make Better Decisions about which Move to Make

There are times when you might make a different decision about whether to hold or fold if you knew what the dealer's cards were. This version of the game cuts out some of the ifs and buts you would normally ponder. And that is why so many players love the extra edge this game has.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Bets You Can Place?

The game is priced in Euros on the Devilfish Casino site. The minimum bet is just ten cents, while you can go as high as five Euros on each game. You also have fifty cent coins and one Euro coin to play with. These are clearly indicated on the bottom right of your game screen. And if you tie Blackjack with the dealer, you will always win. No other ties work like this.

Get Started Playing for Fun without Downloading the Game

You can play the game at the Devilfish Casino simply by visiting the site. The Java driven game does not require a download, so you can get started quickly and easily. Who knows, you might find you love playing Double Exposure Blackjack so much you’ll be coming back for more – and you’ll play for real cash next time too.