DJ Moo Cow Slots

DJ Moo Cow is without a doubt one of the more creative slot machine games out there. The game has a night club theme. However, it also splices animals into it as well. This game has up to 25 pay-lines. The grid is reminiscent of the game Dance Dance Revolution with the neon night club layout. One of the symbols in the game is the DJ cow. Another is a suave looking bear with shades. A bulldog wearing a tie is included as a symbol. The usual poker symbols of 9, 10, J, K, A, and Q appear in this slot just like they usually do in other slots. There is a female cat wearing a black dress and holding a cocktail as a reel symbol.

Reel Symbols Abound

Achieving success in a slot machine is all about getting winning combinations. Let's say a person is playing DJ Moo Cow and two nines pop up on a pay-line. This means that they win two times their bet. Three nines will result in a 5x win. The appearance of four would result in a win of 15X. Five 9s would result in a whopping 100X win. The ten has the same payout figures except that it doesn't reward two tens. There are winning combinations to be had with the Jack reel symbol. Three Jacks gets five times. However, four Jacks popping up on the pay-line results in a 25X win. Five would mean that you get the very large 150X win. The Queen has the same payout numbers. There is a difference with the King. Four King slot reel symbols would equal a payout of 50X. There are a lot of potential profits with the Ace symbol. Three Aces equals a 10X payout. A quadrilogy of Aces sees a payout of 75X. Five gets you 250X. We now come to the animals that can form profitable payouts for you. The suave bear starts with three in a row. This can net you 15X. Four bears can get you 100X. The last bear payout would result in 500X for online casino gamblers. The cat's payouts are 25x, 250x, and 750x respectively. The dog's payouts include 50x, 500x, and 1,250x. This slot's namesake is the DJ Moo Cow. The payout table for the cow is as follows: 2x, 250x, 1,000x and 2,500x. This is an innovative game with great graphics and animations. Gamblers of every style should try this slot game today.