Leo the World's Hungriest, Creepiest Gambling Mascot

A 30-second spot leaves people with feelings that they cant define. This 30 second commercial has lots of people talking about what happened in the advert. Commissioned by Leo Vegas a London Ad agency has released "Carcass," this is the first of a two-part series that features the client’s mascot Leo, he is the "undisputed king of mobile casinos." The advert opens with Leo where yo will see Leo leaning against a bar with an eye on some (literal!) fresh meat over the way. Leo finds it an irresistible lure which finds him sauntering over to the lure and takes the stub of a hand, leading it on to the dance floor, thus, the pair get familiar in ways that will leave the viewers astounded. The ending suggests that things did not get out of hand and Leo is still propping up the bar, though the temptation must have been great after feeling up the naked waist. Now executive creative director, Remco Graham,said that they worked with Leo Vegas where they worked to create something fresh and new, something that felt was different to the competition, Leo Vegas put their trust to push the boundaries, and they are pleased with the end result. Shenaly Amin, U.K. Country Manager, of Leo Vegas added, that they were on a mission to inform the world about Leo Vegas, he continued that this is a very fierce market and that they had to do something completely different to stand out. Leo's sexy adventure is strangely apt, although, perhaps, not in the way Leo Vegas intended.