Drake Casino's Super Slot Jackpot Has Now Surpassed 100 000 Dollars

Drake Casino is becoming better by the minute and the new jackpot prize that is available has broken a personal record since it is the largest in the history of the website. It is the Super Slots Jackpot and it has now gone over 100 000 dollars (103 000 to be accurate).

The Jackpot

If you are a gambling fan, this the literally the perfect time to sign up on this highly profitable casino and take a shot at the gigantic prize. The superb award can be delivered randomly after the end of any type of spin. It doesn’t matter what kind of a winning combination lands on the reels or what the wager is; in fact, it doesn’t matter if the spin results in a win. The one thing that can be done by a player in order for him or her to increase the chances for winning the coveted prize is to go through as many spins as possible – after all, if you are the one who is finishing a spin, instead of someone else, you will be the one to be on the long list of possible candidates of winning the 100 000 plus dollars.

The List of Games

Obviously not every game in Drake Casino is capable of delivering the Jackpot Prize and yet the list is satisfyingly extensive: 4-th and Goal, Arcade Fortunes Slots, Around the World, Aruban Nights, Bluebeard's Gold, Board Babe, Chef Wars, Cleopatra Slots, Days of Our Slots, Dodge City Slots, Drab to Fab, Fast Lane Freddie, Game of Kings, License to Spin Slots, Lilly’s Pad, Mad Road Slots, Metropolis, Ocean Life, Pixiu Slots, Shopping in the Hills, Showcase, Star Slots, The Winning Dead, Time Bender Slots, Top Dog, World Leaders Slots, Yakuza Slots, Yellow Brick Reels, Zimba & Friends. Play any one of these games and you will get the chance to win the big amount, since the progressive jackpot prize is included in each of their gameplays. You can find a list of all these games with a direct menu option from Drake Casino’s website. The member needs to go to the Games tab, select the drop-down box and in the Slots category, choose Super Slots. After clicking on it, the entire list with the games that lead to the Super Slots Jackpot will be presented. What is interesting is that this particular jackpot is supposed to be paid out after it hits 50 000 dollars but this time around it has reached twice that size so, who knows, you might just be the lucky guy who can take home the humongous financial gift and take a well-deserved break for a good while.