Top Games On Café Casino

Online gambling platform Café Casino has a great list of games that you are able to play and enjoy on a daily basis. These fine games shower you with plenty of coins, and they keep you entertained for many hours.

However, when it comes to winning and having fun, there are a few of those games that really stand out from all the others on the platform. Café Casino has given these outstanding titles an honorable place in its most popular games list, and they are now waiting for you to try them out.

Don't wait any longer and see for yourself why quality entertainment options, like Golden Gorilla Slots, Blackjack and Caesar's Empire Slots, are so immensely popular among members of this casino platform. Play them in practice mode or get ready for some real play gambling action together with lucrative winnings.

Golden Gorilla Slots Takes You on a Gambling Adventure in the Jungle

Rival Gaming's Golden Gorilla Slots places you directly into a dense jungle that houses all kinds of prehistoric animals and even giant gorillas. But there is more to be find in this jungle than just these extraordinary animals. It is a place that you visit because you want to have a great adventure, and it is also a place that hides many ancient treasures.

A group of explorers knows that as well, and they are ready to venture of into the dangerous jungle in search for ancient relics and precious artifacts. Stay close to them when you play this 5 reel and 50 pay line slot title, because a journey full of amazing surprises awaits you.

There is plenty of money that can be found in the jungle, but remember that the environment itself is also already richly filled with flora and fauna specimens like flowers, jungle fruits, snakes and monkeys.

Use these elements to your advantage, and survive all the dangerous hazards that the jungle will throw at you. Then you will soon be able to crown yourself as the wealthy and legendary jungle king.

Show Some Seriously good Blackjack Skills and Get Ready for Big Cash Prizes

Make sure that you pay a visit to Café Casino's card game section, and see why the card game of Blackjack is so highly popular among players. Twenty-One is the version to play and the dealer is the opponent to beat.

While playing, make sure that you do not get busted with an unfortunate card score that is higher than 21. Getting as close as possible to this number is a good thing though. You might earn some good amounts of money when your total card scorer is nearer to 21 than the score of the dealer.

Try out various wager options, like surrender or slit, and get ready for the really big cash prizes that will definitely fall upon you when you show some seriously good Blackjack skills.

Play Arabian Tales Slots If It is Your Wish to Become Rich

Prepare yourself for a great gambling experience, because there is a lot of magic in the air when you play the wonderful Arabian Tales Slots from creative slot title developer Rival Gaming.

The magic carpet flies you over the slot reels, where you meet mysterious and ancient figures such as the wish granting genie and the attractive snake handling lady.

At the end of the carpet ride, you will not have to leave the Arabian lands empty handed. Your wishes for free spins and coin prizes will be granted if you play a good collection game on the 5 reels from this magical 50 pay line slot adventure.

Claim the Treasures from the Great Roman Emperor in Caesar's Empire Slots

It is time to show your courage and your fighting skills when you play Realtime Gaming's (RTG) Caesar's Empire Slots. There are big cash prizes that need to be claimed, and they can be found in Caesar's impressive coliseum. Are you brave enough to go after them in Caesar's empire ?

Your sword and shield are ready to assist you. Make good use of them, because you definitely want to fight like a true Roman for the treasures that await you on the 5 reels from this 20 pay line slot title that focuses on the treasures of ancient Rome's most famous emperor.

Tap into the Mysterious Money Making Powers from Mystic Wolf Slots

Everybody knows the iconic wolf and its mysterious habit of howling to the moon in the middle of the night. The wolf is admired and feared at the same time. It is an animal that is surrounded by mysteries and secrets.

Therefore, it is no surprise that slot title developer Rival Gaming also attached many secrets to its Mystic Wolf Slots title. However, the wolf is also a hunter, and that is another element that relates with the theme of this 5 reel and 50 pay line slot machine.

After all, when you play a slot game, you are on the hunt for big prizes. That hunt becomes very atmospheric in Mystic Wolf Slots, because you search for coins in the deep dark woods that are just dimly lit by the equally mysterious moon.

Spin various mystic reel symbols, like the silver coin, the diamond, the full moon or the feathers, and pierce the fragile nighttime silence with your victory howls.

Vintage Vegas Slots Takes You Back to the Roots of Sin City

No gambling environment appeals so much to the imagination as old school Las Vegas. Let's travel back to the notorious 60's era of the 20th century, when the success story of Sin City really took ground.

During this period, great fortunes were made by empire building mobsters, and many great shows were created by show girls and lounge singers. They all flocked to the city in search for success and fame.

Are you ready to place some bets and have a piece of gambling history, together win an even bigger piece of gambling money? Then it is now the right time to embark on your very own retro Vegas adventure in the smoldering Mojave Desert.

This awesome gambling adventure is brought to you by Rival Gaming in the form of Vintage Vegas Slots. Make it big in Sin City with the 5 available reels and 50 available pay lines.

No Casino Collection Is Complete without a Game of Baccarat

Baccarat is a very old game that made its way from Italy into France, and eventually it ended up all the way into Las Vegas as well. These days, a casino selection is not complete if it does not include this entertaining and thrilling card game.

Baccarat rounds are won by hands who manage to reach the number nine as close as possible, or who land on the nine exactly (the highest possible score). It is up to you to bet who is going to have the best hand. It can be the banker, it can be the player, but the outcome can also be a tie.

Classic Meets Luxury in Diamond Cherries Slots

If diamonds are really a girl's best friend, then you can imagine the excitement when cherries are added to create a golden combo. Meet Diamond Cherries Slots from Rival Gaming. This is a three reel and one pay line game where classic meets luxury in a very entertaining and colorful way.

All the iconic slot title symbols are present in this game. You are instantly drawn back to the good old gambling days when retro symbols like diamonds, lucky sevens and bars ruled the reels.

Claim the Most Juicy Gambling Winnings with Lion's Roar Slots

The undisputed king of the jungle certainly has a pretty good life. Now it is time to follow in his furry footsteps with Lion's Roar Slots from casino software powerhouse Rival Gaming.

Are you in the possession of a powerful roar that lets every animal on the savanna know that you are a ruler and a winner who is ready for some action? Your lioness followers will join you in the hunt for payouts, bonus features and free spins in this wild 5 reel and 50 pay line slot machine.

Live like a king and win like a king. That is the life of a lucky lion who always gets to place his claws and his teeth in the juiciest parts of the catch.

Build Your Cash Empire with Aztec's Treasure Slots

If you studied the history of Central America, then you must have come across stories of the mighty Aztecs. Their powerful civilization once ruled the Central American lands. During that period in time, ordinary people payed tributes to leaders and warriors who ruled over the civilization.

This of course resulted in vast amounts of accumulated wealth for the elites of the society. That is the wealth you're after when you play Aztec's Treasure Slots from Realtime Gaming.

Use 5 reels and 20 pay lines to snatch treasures away from the Aztecs, and show that you are capable enough to start your very own wealthy cash empire.

Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots Takes You on a Treasure Hunt into the Deep Dark Ocean

The lost city of Atlantis is clouded in many mysteries. What happened to this fabled city with its many mystic treasures and relics? It is time to get some answers, because you are about to embark on a quest to rediscover the city’s many riches in Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots from Rival Gaming.

Dive right into a deep-sea adventure when you play this mysterious online slot machine. Fabulous treasures might await you deep down in the dark ocean depths.

However, you will not be the only one who searches these unexplored depths for hidden clues and artifacts. A brave explorer with a high-tech submarine is providing some much needed help in the form of a high-tech, oxygen and GPS equipped submarine.

Discover what floats around in the depths of the sea and what is buried at the bottom, because a spectacular find has the potential to make you a very rich explorer. You might be forever known as the person who found the riches of Atlantis. That is certainly a strong incentive to spin the 5 reels of this alluring 25 pay line game.

Diamond Dozen Slots Puts Sparkles in Your Eye and Coins in Your Purse

As you might guess from reading its title, it is all about shiny diamonds in Diamond Dozen Slots from popular casino game software developer Realtime Gaming.

Diamonds are also in the sky with this one, because you spin the reels while watching at a firmament full of beautiful stars on the background. These stars light up the sky, and the glitzy diamonds make the reels sparkle with their presence.

They don't come alone though, because the reels will also show other alluring symbols that make every girl's heart beat a little faster. Diamond rings, roses and purses are all symbols that place a sparkle in your eye when you spin the 5 reels of this gorgeous 20 pay line game.

Will you soon be counting your diamonds forever? Find out if that luck is up there in the stars for you by playing the fabulous Diamond Dozen Slots game.

Why Some Casino Games Deserve All the Attention

There are many reasons why certain casino games become highly popular among players. Some of them, like Blackjack and Baccarat, are well known classics that have been around for many years in offline and online casinos. They don't need an introduction as most casino members already know that they can expect some good gambling fun when they play them.

Others titles, like Golden Gorilla Slots and Caesar's Empire Slots, stand out because of their adventurous themes, while Mystic Wolf Slots and Arabian Tales Slots draw you in with their magical and mysterious atmospheres.

But no matter what it is that specifically makes these games so appealing, you can always be assured that potentially large payouts are major factors that determine the popularity of these games. Make sure that you become an active Café Casino member so that you benefit from all these positive factors on a daily basis.