Using Prepaid Visa in Online Casinos

When it comes to making your deposits in the best online casinos for US players then a huge majority of casino slots players will opt for the major credit card options of either Visa or MasterCard, however there is also a great alternative available, in the form of prepaid Visa.

What is a Prepaid Visa?

A prepaid Visa is a Visa card that allows you to top it up with cash at literally thousands of locations across the country. They are available in many types such as Green Dot, Vanilla and even Paypal Visa and you'll find them available in Walmart's, many pharmacies and gas stations as well as convenience stores and you simply purchase the card loaded with funds and top up as you need to. Prepaid Visa cards are extremely handy as they save you from carrying cash around and they're accepted anywhere you see the Visa sign.

How Does a Prepaid Visa Work in a Casino?

When depositing into a US online casino using a prepaid Visa card you'll firstly have to make sure that the card is OK for international transactions, and while almost all of them are, it's worth asking when you pick up the card if it will work online.

Once you have your card, your casino account opened and you're good to go, then in the casino cashier you simply select the credit card option in the cashier and deposit as you would do when using a regular Visa card. The prepaid card will work like a debit card in the cashier and as long as there are sufficient funds on it then the deposit will be accepted and you're free to enjoy real money online slots and casino games.

Prepaid Visa Casinos

Almost all US online casinos that accept Visa, will accept prepaid Visa card deposits and the transaction when making your deposit is just like using a Visa debit card. The fact that it acts like a debit card means that there's no problem with the deposit being accepted or not as, as long as the card is loaded you're good to make your deposit.