Do You Fear Entering a Casino?

Frank Scoblete says that many new players to casinos have a strong case of fear, they are particularly afraid of playing on the table games. Can these new players learn the games and be able to play the strategies properly. He mentions two poulkar games, Blackjack which has innumerable decisions that can be made, and Craps that has quite an amazing number bets that players can wager. Other factors that new players fear that other players and the dealer are able to see the players as a novice, because they are new could find themselves laughed at or they grown when the player makes a mistakes. If other players give advice, should they follow this advice? Should the advice be refused would the player upset the one giving advice. If the advice is accepted would it be any good is another thought that goes through a novice players mind. Many new players when standing at the table, get so afraid that they scuttle to the slots machines, slot machines do no judge, and laying the game has very little or no decisions to make. Once in the slot aisles very few playes notice the novive, they too busy playing for their own money to worry about others. For the new novice they take comfort in the Slots machines as they do not tell the player how good they are or how not so good they are, the mchines have no feeling whatsoever, because they are lifeless object its a relief for new players. This could be why the larges portion (65-90%) of the casino revenue is generated by slot machines. However Mr. Scoblete suggests that new players should give the tables a try. He suggests that the new player go to the Casinos Stationary store, most of them have basic strategy chart which show what to do with each hand versus every dealers up-card. He suggest that players use this chart, even if it slows he game down, because the strategy will make the player stronger and eventually give them the advantage on other players.

Understanding Craps

Craps itself is not a hard game to learn, although it has multiple way of betting, most of those wagers are not always good, also don’t listen to other players that shout out their bets, most of the bets are what Mr. Scoblete calls sucker bets. A better strategy is to ask the dealer the best way the Pass Line and make use of that one bet. He says that the Pass Line is a great bet. Other games, such as, Pai Gow Poker or one of the “carnival games” the basic strategies are quite simple. When its a new players hand to play, he suggests that they ask the dealer what they should do, or ask “What does the book say to do?” and the dealer will tell the player the proper way to play.

Popular Table Games

Two popular games are Baccarat (including mini-baccarat) and roulette. They are both quite simple games to play. Mr. Scoblete suggests that players who play mini-baccarat to make decision on these games slowly, as it is a relatively fast game, however, there are only two bets to consider, the ‘player’ or the ‘banker, and says its best to choose one of these and not the ‘tie’. Roulette its suggested that the player rather stick to one small outside bet, whether that bet red or black; odd or even, or high or low. It is best not to get caught up in trying to win the inside bets, these bets can often cause a series of long losing streaks. The house edge n these bets is in most cases the same as the house edge of the outside bets. If after this mini lesson, you find that table games is not for you, then head over to the slot machines, they wont be going anywhere.