Live Dealer at Cool Cat Casino

At Cool Cat Casino players can access live dealers from their mobile devices, how player can connect with the live dealer on Cool Cat through software that makes use of optical character recognition (OCR) this is the same mechanics that allows players to scan a paper document onto a computer, the computer translates the characters on the cards or a roulette wheel into data which is then coded and sent to a electronic of the players choice. Previously a desktop computer was the only devices that were powerful enough to be able to receive this data, nowadays player are able to access live dealers from tablets or phones on the go.

OCR technology allows Players to play online, and this enables a computer to tell what a player's hand value and the outcome of the bet without breaking into a sweat. And the general consensus states that the best part of a live casino dealer is a player is able to see the action unfold.

Some of the more recent models support live dealers to maintain the fact that each card in the deck contains a small computer chip, this chip is scanned by the dealer just before laying out the hands. An accurate scan will translate information on the card information into computerized data. Each scan places the information onto the computer screen and is automatically updated.

Understanding How It Works

The logistics behind the live dealer casinos, you'd be surprised that it takes an intensive amount of production. Live dealers seen on video streams work in special studios that are specifically created for this kind of work. Each live studio can look different, however, in general the setup needs a main room with all the game tables, the live dealers, as well as the cameras/ OCR equipment. In some casinos there is one table per room to allow players not to be distracted by the bustle and noise of the games that are going on at the same time.

Some casinos place all the tables in one room, this is to create a bricks and mortar atmosphere, which for a lot of people appeals to their enjoyment.

In all live dealer casino there is a team of technical members who are on standby in case there are any problems with cameras and feeds, they are then able to do a speedy fix so players can continue.

Just like land-based casino’s there are pit bosses who arbitrates between disputing players and players to dealers.

To Welcome players at Cool Cat Casino, there is an offer on the table of a welcome bonus of 330% plus fifty free spins using the code COOLWELCOME. Thereafter players can enjoy cool VIP bonuses and daily the Cool Cat Lottery.